Learning To Love You More




Assignment #53
Give advice to yourself in the past.

Jeffrey Stein
New York, New York USA



Advice to Jeffrey at age 10:
1. Your parents splitting up will turn out to be a good thing.
2. Don't be mean to David. He loves you.
Advice to Jeffrey at age 12:
3. You are gay. It's fine. Many people are.
Advice to Jeffrey at age 13:
4. Don't worry so much.
5. DON'T FALL IN LOVE WITH JACK. It may seem like it's the best thing that ever happened, but it will end terribly. He is not gay. He will never love you.
6. Don't spend all summer feeling depressed over Jack.
7. Ostracize Jack. He has no idea what happened, and nobody else does either, except Kristen.
8. Don't worry about not having many friends.
Advice to Jeffrey at age 14:
9. Talk to a girl named Caroline. Tell her funny things and make her laugh. When she asks what you would do if the world was going to end tomorrow, tell her you would tell everyone your secret.
10. When Caroline asks what your secret is, give her your phone number and come out to her with a text. If she never talks to you again, so be it. But she will.
11. Start a journal. Let out your feelings. Keep Caroline as a best friend. Don't fight with her - she is your only friend.