Learning To Love You More




Assignment #53
Give advice to yourself in the past.

Peter Max Lawrence
San Francisco, California USA



To Peter at age 12:
1. Don't cry about being so skinny - someday everyone will be awkwardly jealous.
To Peter at age 13:
2. Chill out, being a late bloomer will eventually be a life saver.
To Peter at age 14:
3. The world really does not revolve around your pain. BE HAPPY. seriously.
To Peter at age 15:
4. Don't steal your parents car, its just not nice. (p.s. - someday you'll be able to grow a scraggly beard).
To Peter at age 16:
5. Turn off the TV, put down the comic books and enjoy your classmates because you won't know these people much longer.
To Peter at age 17:
6. Attempting suicide is much harder than it first appears. (read Henry Miller you are really gonna like him).
To Peter at age 18:
7. Go away to school - see the world. There is more beauty in Kansas when seen from a distance.
To Peter at age 19:
8. Marfans Syndrome is not the death sentence your doctors tell you it is.
To Peter at age 20:
9. Gay bars and raves are not the most efficient way to find LOVE. ( Slow down the vodka consumption, it is OK to be gay.)
To Peter at age 21:
10. Beer an white wine trigger your migraines (p.s. you need to get glasses).