Learning To Love You More




Assignment #53
Give advice to yourself in the past.

California, USA



@ age 13:
1. Don't go to Stacey's slumber party. You'll miss the last moments of Dad's life and you will never forget or forgive yourself.
@ age 15:
2. Don't go out with AJ. He's too old for you. Don't ditch school that day and have sex with him. It will be the beginning of your slutty stage when all you want is a boy's attention. Stop trying to kill the pain with alcohol.
@age 16:
3. Don't sleep with so many boys. Not one of them will give a shit about you. You'll act like you don't care, but you will. Please especially don't sleep with Eric. I think he actually liked you up until then. And don't leave that dance with Josh instead of Nathan. Stop trying to kill the pain with alcohol.
@ age 17:
4. Don't cheat on Alex. He loves you and you really do love him. None of the boys you will cheat on him with will give a shit about you...sound familiar? Go to school more and don't go to continuation school. Actually go to night school so you can graduate from a regular high school. Don't date that guy from continuation school that has the stutter. He's a total babe and he actually likes you...but you are still with Alex and he doesn't deserve that. Stop trying to kill the pain with alcohol.
@ age 18:
5. Keep going to college. Don't be lazy and give up. The first time Alex writes you a letter that is essentially a suicide note, make him get help.
@ age 19:
6. Go back to college. Don't be lazy and give up
@ age 20:
7. Go back to college. Don't be lazy and give up. Don't sit around and watch Alex do his homework. Don't put your life on hold while Alex works towards his goals. He will never ask you to put him first, but you always will.
@ age 23:
8. Don't try and kiss Philip...you'll ruin your friendship forever. Don't help Wendy cheat on her husband. It's wrong and you know it. Don't get back together with Alex. When he comes to your house and tells your sister to tell you that he came by, don't call him to see what he wanted. You'll just repeat the same old patterns and waste 4 more years of your life sitting on the sidelines. Go back to college. Don't be lazy and give up.
@ age 27:
9. Open up to more people when Alex breaks your heart for the last time. Don't hold it in.
@ age 28:
10. When you meet Dan, don't let Tracy talk you into being crazy like her, Don't move in with Tracy. She will help you get through this hard time in your life, but she's pretty fucked up and will drag you down. When you meet Adam and see that he lives with his mom on a mattress in his childhood bedroom, let this be a warning to you. Most importantly, don't drink and drive. Don't hook up with that British BMX rider from the X Games. It's not technically cheating on Adam but it felt like it.
@ age 29:
11. When you and Adam get into the same sort of fights you and Alex used to have it's time to call it quits.
@ age 30:
12. When Adam breaks up with you and moves out, make it permanent.
@ age 32:
13. Don't marry Adam. You can still date him, but don't marry him. When you have your doubts, listen to your gut.
@ age 34:
14. Don't beg him to stay. Listen to your gut when it tells you that everything will be better this way in the end.