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Assignment #44
Make a "LTLYM assignment".

"Free Drawing Exchange"
Mark Batongmalaque
Santa Barbara, California USA



What is Free Drawing Exchange?
Free Drawing Exchange is the trading of visual information between two people.
Free Drawing Exchange is a way to simultaneously inflate and deflate the market value placed on drawings.
Free Drawing Exchange is open for everyone to participate.
What is not Free Drawing Exchange?
Free Drawing Exchange is not a drawing lesson administered by the better of the two drawers.
Free Drawing Exchange is not a competition between the two drawers.
Free Drawing Exchange is not completely free, there are some material costs to be aware of.
So, what do I do?
Free Drawing Exchange is fun and easy. There are only four steps to this project.
Here we go...
Step 1
Make a modest sign that says "Free Drawing Exchange"
I made one using a found piece of foam-core and some vinyl letters purchased at an office supply store, but poster-board and a marker would work just as well.
Step 2
Find a public table and set up your sign, and put out drawing utensils and paper for people to draw with
I used sharpies and Bristol board
Step 3
Have someone draw at the same time as you
I like to give a loose time limit for the drawing, so that way they do not become too precious about their drawings.
Tips to get people to draw with you
- Reassure them with a loose definition of drawing. I say that drawings are anything done on paper and that includes lines, shading, collage, writing, and anything else they could think of.
- Tell them your status as an artist (professional or amateur) to entice them with the potential acquisition of a work from an actual artist.
- Reiterate the equal value of their work to your work, and that it is not a competition.
- Do not pass judgment on work you receive. Accept all drawings graciously and thank the person for their time.
- Explain it simply. "We both make drawings. Then we trade.
Step 4
Sign your work and have the other person sign theirs. Then trade the drawing and say "Thank You". Encourage them to tell others and to try again.
I like to take photographs of the two drawings that were created side by side, just for documentation
So what's the BIG deal?
This is a way to get your work out to people who happen along your table and it will hopefully make people happy and excited about art. It may also help those who are not familiar with the art world by being a benign starting point. Also it allows you to build a collection of drawings from other people.
Be Warned. Drawing continuously for hours at a time is taxing on both your body and your mind. This project will push you through high and low spots within the creative process.
Have Fun and Good Luck!