Learning To Love You More




Assignment #44
Make a "LTLYM assignment".

"Teach a new craft to someone much older or younger than you. Invite them to teach you a craft."
Christine Gray
Goleta, California USA



1. Seek out a regularly meeting craft group who are much older or younger than you.
2. Ask if you can attend their next meeting.
3. Bring a craft (supplies, example, and instructions)
4. Learn to make the craft the group is making.
5. Teach the group your craft project.
6. Make things together.
- - - - - - -
1. I went to the weekly thrift shop at the retirement community down the street from my house. I started asking around who I would talk to about doing a craft project exchange. One resident who was a former activities coordinator seemed excited, but warned me that there was a prevalent "been there, done that" attitude toward making crafts among the community. I signed the volunteer list, picked up a schedule of activities, and obtained phone numbers for the activities coordinator and the resident craft queen, Connie S.
2. I contacted Connie to ask if I could attend the next craft class.
3. I wanted to become acquainted with people first and introduce my craft later, but I came prepared with materials, instructions, and an example of my craft project.
4. Connie showed me some of her crafts. She gave me some of her xeroxed drawings, a bookmark, and a hand painted business card. I made a blown ink drawing with her. She said I should draw some cats on it.
5. I showed her my Mini Bush-Bush project. I gave her directions and materials. She said she wanted to make it later.
6. I met with Connie, Susan, and Virginia the next week to make and talk crafts. I taught Susan and Virginia my Mini Bush-Bush project.