Learning To Love You More




Assignment #35
Ask your family to describe what you do.

Seattle, Washington USA



Alysoun (mama)
Vida has stimulating days. She wakes up quickly, not because she wants to but because she has been up late and must be efficient in the morning in order to maximize sleeping time. She tries to always make time for something hot to drink and a bite to eat but doesn't alway succeed.
Vida enjoys walking to school. She likes to feel the strength of her stride, fresh air filling her lungs and energizing her body. She has smiles for all the beings, human, animal and plants she meets along the way. Sometimes she thinks of school or people she knows but mostly she lets her mind roam the earth and sky.
In class Vida is an active participant in discussions and projects. She is happy to be among creative people, giving and receiving inspiration and encouragement. The assignments are hard but Vida doesn't really mind. She wants to challenge herself even if it hurts a little.
After class Vida meets with friends to get some food, and talk about the projects they are working on. Later Vida will try and get some reading done but she is tired and lays down to fall asleep. When she awakens she stretches and her body breaks out belly dancing.
Vida prepares a simple dinner of brown rice with vegetables and invites her roommate to share. After dinner Vida has work to do but her roommate has rented a good movie so they watch it together.
It is late, almost eleven, when Vida begins to get serious about her work. The movie took time away from study but it was worth it for the new idea she got from it. Inspired she works on her project. She loves middle of night when time seems to stop and world belongs to her. Vida works steadily until she forces herself asleep just before dawn.
- - - - - - - - - -
Frank (father)
She wakes up, momentarily disoriented with traces of dreams she knows have meaning in some dimension that her present circumstance will not allow her to fully appreciate. She looks outside for the weather report and slips into the cleanest thing she hasn't worn in the last two days. She silently suggest to the universe that this would be a fine day for all the pieces of the puzzle to magically fall into place but she knows when they do they will only reveal another puzzle. She glides through her day entertained and entertaining, surprising people with her unique perspective. She gives each task it's due, based on how interesting it is. A boy taps on the window, she laughs. She drinks tea and reads. Sometimes the story is telling her, sometimes she's telling the story. Sometimes it's hard to tell. Now there's a wolf at the door. She introduces it to the big elephant in the room and goes back to her tea. She eats. She goes to class. She swims in the sea of faces, remember to breathe. Remember what we're looking for. Remember what we have to take. Remember what we have to bring back. She's finding her feet. She's finding her wings, her voice, her face in the sea. She's finding the best food at the lowest price. She's finding a place to put her stuff for a while. Sometimes she finds it hard to concentrate. She reads some more. She's finding peace. She sleeps.
- - - - - - - - - -
Grace (Little Sister)
okay here is what vida does in a normal day...
she wakes up..and eat oatmeal and yerba matte, and then she goes to school, and she loves it but its a little stressfull.....and when shes not at school shes probably hanging out with her friends....oh or riding community transit busses! oh and she might go to like the computer lab or some shit, am i right?!?!?!
oh and then she listens to enya or some shit..........just joking....