Learning To Love You More




Assignment #35
Ask your family to describe what you do.

Amber Rene
San Francisco, California USA



Michelle(my mom):
When Amber wakes to the day, her mind is already making preparations. She does her lady business in the ladies room, gets dressed, fixes her hair and applies scant makeup (just enough is enough). While performing this simple morning routine she considers the weather and conditions she will encounter during her trek to, what will likely be, an eventful public transport experience. A keen observer, no incident goes undetected.
Amber's journey through her day is powered with motivational levels of anxiety and anticipation tempered with an uncanny ability to process life and experience through the mind and eyes of a poet, humorist, realist, and storyteller. All this occurs intuitively. This absorption of life in and around her will be the fodder for another day of self discovery. Sharing her observations and experiences with others will provide stepping stones along the path of her day.
At work her goal oriented self will push to accomplish more than expected or required not to impress but for the self challenge it provides and just because she likes it that way. She sprinkles her day at work with her stories and observations of life much to everyone's pleasure. Again, this is not for the benefit of others but for the sheer desire to examine her life.
At the end of her workday, after her travels home, she balances herself with the same intensity that carried her through her day only now it is directed toward refilling her soul with her own needs, pleasures, and interests. These pleasures/interests include; connecting with friends and family, love of music and dance, reading, the arts, humanitarian/political causes, and always with a mind toward searching for self and life's "answers". She falls asleep with her mind still processing the days events in preparation for a new day.
- - - - - - - - - -
April(big sister):
Her day begins with a few snooze hits...then she hoofs it down the wind tunnel of the SF financial district to the coolest building in the hood. Her job in insurance started out as a paycheck but I think she's actually starting to enjoy it. She's always busy with accounts and board meetings and deadlines - she's constantly puttin out fires. She's got a cool cube-mate and the office has a bangin view of the city and she finds time to chat it up online - not a bad gig. On the way home she'll stop at the local grocers to get some fresh veggies, maybe some fish, and concoct an amazingly delicious meal that will be shared with anyone that's home. Her true love is music and her specialty is socializing. You can find her anywhere from swank venues (maybe even in VIP) to the stinkiest dive and if you buy her a Blue Moon and a shot of Powers you'll have a friend. Monday-Thursday, however, she's usually holed up in her room with a book or on the computer or maybe catching The Daily show with one of her 900 roommates. Oh and she makes the best cup of tea you'll ever experience.
- - - - - - - - - -
Whenever I'm telling someone about my five step-kids and I start on Amber, I often describe her at work, turning 180 degrees in her chair, and looking out at the magnificent view of San Francisco Bay. Amber spends her weekday daytime hours working in one of the most amazing buildings in one of the most culturally rich, progressive, and beautiful cities in the country. (All right, I'm jealous.) Her current career path has just been punctuated with a promotion that I'm certain she achieved with the same grace, hard work, and tenacity she has shown in her past milestones.
Saturday mornings might involve a solo escape to a quiet outdoor caf╠ę for a light breakfast and heavy reading. The weekend afternoons are spent with her many friends relaxing in a park or taking in one of the numerous cultural opportunities the city provides. Weekend nights? After being certain she looks amazing, Amber hits the town, attending a concert, seeing a theater production, or dancing in a club.
She is a young woman living in a city that perfectly compliments her energy, diverse enthusiasms, and open minded outlook. As soon as I met her I knew she'd end up there one day.