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Assignment #35
Ask your family to describe what you do.

Gregory Moss
Cambridge, Massachusetts USA
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From my Mom, Maureen Daley
Right now Greg is probably at the gym working out. He's running on the tread mill and in his mind he is rehearsing the monologue he will perform in a couple of weeks. He is watching himself in the mirror and wondering "am I fat?" He is going to lift some weights and take a shower. When he's done at the gym he's going to walk back to his apartment. Maybe he'll stop along the way and get an iced french vanilla coffee at Dunkin' Donuts. He is wondering how his monologue will be received and hoping that the weekend of monologues he is putting together will draw a good crowd and make a little bit of money, too. He's getting used to working with the ImprovAsylum group and beginning to make some money from it. He's glad about that. He'll be going home soon to eat something (I have no idea what!) and will lie down to read one of the many, many, many books he is reading at this time. He has piles of books in each room so he can pick one up at any time and resume the story, poem, or remembrance where he left off. He might also do some work to prepare for the classes he has to teach tomorrow.
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From my Sister, Elizabeth Levine:
I think Greg writes stories and plays, teaches writing and organizes the theatre productions a private school, is producing a show in Cambridge with other peoples' work as well as his own, performs with an improv comedy group (on hiatus now?), and acts (currently in a show in May in Cambridge).
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From my Dad, Myron Moss:
Here is a hypothetical day for Greg: he is carrying an armful of books of all kinds, sizes and interests from the Cambridge library. He puts them in his car for later, takes out his backpack and heads for the gym where he lifts free weights and runs the treadmill. He is youthfully muscular and fit. While he is running, he looks at the mirror which reflects back the image of a chubby twelve year old. Later, in his car, Greg recites the monologue he is preparing. His face is serious, his brow slightly furrowed with worry as he speaks the lines. In this hypothetical day, his classes at The Waring School are cancelled(an unlikely scenario). So Greg heads off for therapy- Joe's Playland at Salisbury Beach. He plays the pinball machines and Bowl-A-Way for a couple of hours and his head is clear as he starts to walk out. The aroma of Cristie's pizza is in the air. At the exit to Joe's is a mirror which reflects back at Greg the image of a chubby twelve year old.