Learning To Love You More




Assignment #35
Ask your family to describe what you do.

Sharon Joon
Brooklyn, New York USA



Sister, Ashley
I think Sharon is a very busy person. I feel like she always has something to do but she loves to just hang out sometimes. I think Sharon helps people out a lot in her spare time and also when she has stuff to do. She always helps people with their movies and projects. I feel like she always eats good stuff too. Sharon makes really good meals with all different types of foods. I think Sharon is usually rushed when she does things. She is usually in a hurry because she has a busy schedule. I think Sharon sleeps and eats a lot in her time too. I think Sharon is always working on something, with school or helping someone out. I think most of her time is filled by helping people do things.
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Cousin, Mandy
When I think of what Sharon might do in a day, the first thing that comes to my mind is that no matter what she had gone through that day, everything will be resolved by the time she goes to bed. On a day typical day, I imagine her working hard at whatever she is doing, whether it be writing an essay or making a movie. I see her tackling her agendas with one hundred percent of her effort. She is by no means a slacker and gives everything her all without the dependence of others. I think that when she's done with the necessary things she had to do that day, she takes a deep breath and takes everything in. I can imagine her taking a walk. She would probably take one alone rather than with a friend, and I see her enjoying and appreciating the things she observes around her. Whether it be a business man, a child or a flower, she loves the city she is in and lives for its atmosphere. I think that on her ! walk she stops at a bench and grabs a book that she has been thinking of all day while doing her work. When she is done, she goes to her room, takes a nap, wakes up, eats a dinner most people wouldn't consider appetizing (but she doesn't mind), finishes up some last minute work, and goes to sleep for the night. It seems as though her days are effortless and consist of meager obstacles, but the truth is that when I think of a typical day of Sharon's, the thing that stands out to me the most is her working extremely hard before it comes to the point where she can relax. Her days consist of her priorities first and luxuries second. Although I have written what I think Sharon does every day, I must say that this is just one of the days that I think she may come across during her life. Truthfully, it is difficult to say what she does each day. She is the type of person, so spontaneous and so full of life, whose no two days would ever be the same. Each day is different, for she is different.
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Cousin, Tatyana
I think Sharon's life is like, she wakes up in the morning and goes to college after maybe spend time with her family eat a family dinner and that's how I think what she does in a typical day!