Learning To Love You More




Assignment #14
Write your life story in less than a day.

San Diego, California USA



I was born and raised in San Diego, California. In a Family of five, I am the youngest of three children, and we are all girls. I was always very close to my sisters I watched as my sister started school at a university when I was four, and as my other sister graduated from high school when I was eight. At the age of four my aunt died in a car crash, leaving her two children behind, my mother and father wanted to bring my cousin into our family and treat her as their own since we were very close in age, but my grandma did not agree and instead raised the children on her own. As a child I was overly interested in drawing, and began to draw before I could learn to spell my name. My parents were proud that I had a talent that I may want to use in my future. I started Kindergarden at age 4, I did not attend pre school. I absolutely hated elementary school because I was often teased, and was constantly called names. I always faked being sick in order to go home and avoid the other children's taunting. I was influenced a lot by my older sisters, by the way they dressed, the music they listened to, and the way they acted. So I often carried that with me to school, as all the other children were listening to the latest pop sensations I was enjoying the music of Nine Inch Nails, Nirvana, Radiohead & Marilyn Manson. By the time I reached sixth grade I had several crushes, and not a single one noticed me because to them I was merely a stranger or just some weird kid. When I reached sixth grade my mom had me make a decision of what middle school I would like to attend, since she believed that the middle school closest to my home was dangerous because of its bad reputation. I chose a school in a sub-city close to home, where they had a Performing Arts Program, I would finally be able to practice my ability of drawing and possibly use it in years to come. When my sixth grade graduation arose I was beginning to get nervous that I would be leaving everyone I knew behind and start at a new school where I did not know anyone. Although I kicked and screamed I knew that attending that school would be better for me, and I would finally leave behind the memories I dreaded. Upon entering middle school, I began to make friends on the bus I took to school, and became close to my first real best friend Michelle. We were inseparable, never fought, and were always happy to be together and talk about anything that bothered us. In seventh grade, I had my first boyfriend, I had my first kiss, he was the first one to make me feel like I was truly a beautiful person inside and out, and always reminded me. At the early age of 12 or maybe 13 I learned about the horrors of cheating, I had my heartbroken when I found out he was with another girl, but I became very good friends with one of his close friends. When middle school was coming to an end, Michelle broke the news to me that she would be moving to Georgia to be with her mothers family. I was hurt but knew there was nothing I could do. When High School began, it seemed as if everyone had changed. People began to accept me for who I was, and I developed a strong friendship with the boy who was close to my ex-boyfriend. I met a new girl who turned out to be my best friend for two years, she began to distance herself from me when she began having an abusive relationship with her boyfriend, afraid that I would judge her. By that time I had a boyfriend, Robert, who was my ex-boyfriends close friend from middle school. To this day, I am still with him, and still madly in love with him, it has been almost four years. Once my bestfriend began to distance herself, I began a friendship with another girl who I became inseparable from. We had a very rough time as I watched her deal with several problems, she was raped, she was abused in a relationship. I was angry that I could do nothing to help, I would seek advice from my boyfriend and in the end she became angry at my betrayal. I watched as she went through an eating disorder, I tried to stop her but I couldn't. My boyfriend began to hang out with people who would wrongly influence him, he began to take drugs and drink alcohol religiously and heavily. I began to get tired of all the drama and distanced myself from everyone. In the end I broke up with my boyfriend and started a relationship with another boy, who cared about me just as much as the last one. We were constantly together until the end of high school, and up until the summer when he decided that he would be moving far away from the city. As he began to tell me that the city was not for him. I accepted and let him go as well. As for now with my hard work and struggle through school, as I kept a 3.4 grade point average, was in a variety or advanced placement classes I was accepted to a good university in my hometown, the university I saw my sister go to and graduate from when I was young. I am majoring in Graphic Design as I followed through with my drawing abilities. I returned with Robert, my boyfriend of four years, and we are as close as we've ever been. Although I do not have the friendships I cherished so dearly I have managed to learn that everything happened for a reason and was put well into place in my life.