Learning To Love You More




Assignment #14
Write your life story in less than a day.

Los Angeles, California USA



I was born a city child, right smack in the middle of Los Angeles, California. I was the first person in my family to be born in the United States, which made me special in a way. Until my brother came thirteen months later. Soon after, my parents split up, but I didn't care because I was still a baby. We moved three times by the time I was five years old. For kindergarten, I got into this really good school, and everyone thought I wouldn't get in because I couldn't even speak english and all I cared about was animals at the zoo. But I watched a lot of Barney and learned english and I got in, and everyone was surprised and thought I was smart, which I was. I made a best friend that year with a girl named Samantha who had blonde hair and a baby sister. We had a lot of play dates, and once I even went to her grandmother's house in Palm Springs. That year, I was Cinderella for Halloween.
The next year, my mom, my brother and I moved to Beverly Hills, California where I went to school with a bunch of stuck-up, narrow-minded people who I thought were my friends. I think if I had stayed there, I would have been a complete a-hole. But I didn't. After two years, I moved schools and went to a french school where I met lots of nice people, and learned french, and wore a grey and navy uniform that I loved. In fifth grade, I fell in love with this boy who was in my after school dance class, and he liked me too, but was too shy to say anything. I also made a new best friend who was my friend for about two months because we met late in the year and then I moved to Switzerland where I went to boarding school for two years. Those years were the best years of my life. I made the greatest friends, and really opened up. In 6th grade, I fell in love with this boy from New York who was two years older than me, and played tennis and had a raspy voice. We went out for two days in October, and then broke up for reasons I still don't understand. We danced together at our school's Christmas dance, and I realized that I would always love him. I still do, although he has completely changed now and we don't even talk anymore. A lot of boys asked me out during middle school because they thought I was cool because I was from California and got along with boys. After those two years, I moved back to California to live with my family, and had a rough time getting accustomed to the States. I really wanted to go back to Europe, but knew that my mother couldn't afford to send me back because business was slow at the time. I attended a public school in the suburbs, and hated it. I didn't really make any friends because I hated everyone, and started to resent my mother. Still, I didn't feel bad that I didn't have a father because I never really knew what it felt like to have one, so I can't really miss it. My mom got remarried to a man that I didn't really like, but didn't really have a problem with. They had a child together, my baby sister, and then got divorced when I was in 9th grade. My mom always said the women in her family were always too strong to be tied down to a man. Eventually, I gave up being 'rebellious' and opened up again during high school. I also started to make new friends that I liked. Still, I still feel a little out of place because I don't understand why these Americans do the things they do. Around 10th grade, I started to find comfort in music and films, and I fell in love with art. As a child, I was always creative, and most of my teachers thought I was talented, but in 10th grade, I really felt it and took some art classes. My art teacher said I could probably get a scholarship from my school if I wanted to go into art in the future. I thought about it, but then thought against it because I know there's a lot of better people out there who deserve it more. I took on a lot of hobbies, like guitar, photography, and knitting. I found that I cannot play the guitar at all. I just liked the feel of it. I started to watch a lot of independent films, and fell in love with them. I found that I have a very dry sense of humour that matched the movies well. I thought I might go into film writing some day, but when it came time to apply for college, I thought I wasn't good enough because I never took any classes or anything, so I applied as a sociology major because I took a sociology class in 11th grade, and really liked it. Now, I am a senior in high school, wasting my time away, waiting for September, where I will be leaving my monotonous days in the outskirts of Los Angeles and go to San Francisco, a city I have always loved because they have a MOMA museum there with a great cafeteria. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with my life, but I'm sure that, in time, I'll figure it out.