Learning To Love You More




Assignment #14
Write your life story in less than a day.

Tiffin, Ohio USA



It was a warm Sunny day in May of 1984 when I was unleashed unto the world. My mother wept and my father smiled. They named me Jennifer. My parents held me close and nurtured me through those vital first five years. I accumulated knowledge As I attended school and made friends.
Many recesses and Christmas recitals later I entered high school. It was there that my life as an independent woman began. I partied too hard, learned to drive, made life-long bonds, and started discovering who I am. It was then that I entered the workforce. I learned the value of a dollar and the importance of responsibility. I also became a product of divorce after my parent's marriage fell apart.
After those four great years I met a man. We fell deeply in love and got married. A short year later I gave birth to a beautiful little girl whom we named Jonny Sunshine. It was five months later that my life took a devastating turn.
When my precious girl was only five months old my love left us. He disappeared for two years with out a trace. I was left behind to pick up the pieces of my broken family and shattered heart. Since then I have had to come to terms with what life has thrown my way. I have raised my now three year old daughter on my own without any help. I have maintained a good life for her with out the presence of a man. I have overcome the loss and recently applied to college.
At this present day, I am enrolled and ready to start my education as a journalist in Tiffin Ohio. Although I have been through many hardships I have managed to move forward toward a bright future.