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Assignment #60
Write a press release about an everyday event.

Christian Stella
Orlando, Florida USA



Released to The New York Times, The Miami Herald, Salon.com (News and Politics department)
The Countless Unknowns Averted by Changing Smoke Detector Battery
Friday, May 25th 2007
Orlando, FL
Orlando couple Christian and Elise Stella are doing well this week after a recent brush with the thought of the unknown. During a routine maintenance check, it was discovered that their residence's smoke detector was no longer in functioning order, a scary discovery indeed.
"We pushed the little button that says 'test' and nothing happened," said Elise Stella during interviews Wednesday. Her husband Christian added, "We were already bracing ourselves for the high pitched alarm. We'd closed the cats and their more sensitive ears in another room."
The couple said that this was the first time either had ever needed to change a smoke detector battery in their lives.
"We keep plastic bags with different batteries in a drawer in the kitchen, so we were at least prepared for something like this," Elise said.
What the couple were not prepared for were the countless unknowns had they not had their maintenance routines in place.
"It scares us, because it's just up in the corner of the ceiling where you don't really think about it that often. But it's super important."
The couple likes to cook, often with indoor grille pans that create a lot of smoke. They decided to go public with their story to warn all other home chefs that rustle up a lot of smoke in their kitchen that their smoke detector's need to be tested more often than common convention. Christian ended the interviews Wednesday saying, "All of those cooking related smoke detections can wear a smoke detector's battery out before you know it and then you're left with who knows how many countless unknowns."
Christian Stella
Reporter for www.christianstella.com