Learning To Love You More




Assignment #60
Write a press release about an everyday event.

Dale Mackey
Knoxville, Tennessee USA



Press release sent to: AP, The Tenessean Online and Kingsport News.
March 4, 2009. For Immediate Release: Couple Shares Cutest Good
Morning Cuddle in History
Knoxville, TN: It's long been suspected that Knoxville residents and creative professionals Dale Mackey and Shawn Poynter are the cutest couple in town, if not state, country, and/or world. That suspicion was confirmed this morning when Poynter and Mackey cuddled adorably between 7:15 and 7:25 am, the time it takes for Mackey to drag herself out of bed after hearing the obnoxious melody of her cellphone alarm. The couple spends most nights together, and shares several sweet miuntes of kissing and cuddling before falling asleep each night and waking up each morning. It seems their bodies are perfectly contoured for spooning each other-- a sign, experts say, that the two are meant to cuddle together for the rest of their lives. Each morning before leaving, Mackey kisses Ponter (or Peanut, as she adorably calls him) several times, gets dressed and ready to go, and then comes back in before heading out to tell her Peanut to have a wonderful day. Sometimes she even crawls back into bed with him for one last cuddle. "What can I say?" says Mackey, "He's the best man in the world and I found him. The onlu drawback is that I really never want to get up and go to work because I dream about about in with him, making delicious french press coffee, reading in pead, packing a picnic, and spending the day eating and talking and perusing antique stores." Poynter was unavailable for an interview this morning because he was still sleeping like an angel.