Learning To Love You More




Assignment #53
Give advice to yourself in the past.

Jo S.



Jo at age 5
1. Grandpa gets upset when you rip the top off his mouse pad
Jo at age 6
1. Don't tell lies. You will go home overcome with guilt and cry when you eventually tell the truth.
Jo at age 7
1. Don't stand on top of the toilet to see if Amity is alright. You will break it and then have to explain yourself to the principal.
Jo at age 8
1. Stay friends with Alice and don't make her feel guilty when she becomes best friends with that girl whose name I can't remember. Your friendship with her is stronger
Jo at age 13
1. Get out of the library and make some new friends.
Jo at age 14
1. Make the most of every second with Maline. New experiences are always a little bit scary but they help to define the person you become.
2. Be a good friend to Chelsea cause she needs you
Jo at age 15
1. You should have gone to that party at Cassie's house. It was a bit selfish and mean that you didn't and you could of made some new friends
2. You start to lose Lisa. Be careful
Jo at age 16
1. Don't go out with Will just because you think you should. You just end up screwing him around and he ends up hating you
2. DO NOT get drunk with Ellen. You get caught and IT IS NOT GOOD
3. DO NOT go sunbaking with Alice at surfers without putting on sunscreen.
4. The party you go to with Emelia Sutton is horrible but a good learning experience. Don't be so shy
5. You should have gone and spoken to that hot guy. You know the one
6. Vampires and werewolves don't exist so there's no point fantasising about Jacob