Learning To Love You More




Assignment #53
Give advice to yourself in the past.

S. Mai
San Diego, California USA



Advice to "Maiwan" at the Age of 10
1. "Maiwan"? Are you serious?
2. The pain that you feel daily will soon subside once Christopher is in the picture. Cherish him.
3. Robert is a complete phase. You never once spoke to him, and you will later find out that you are actually a few years his senior and he grows up to be ugly and idiotic.
4. South Dakota is a waste, you should have never given your number. It's not serious. He doesn't like you. You end up wasting your $80 savings on bills and cause a drifting argument with your parents.
5. Mike was great, but he'll ignore you later.
6. Don't be so suspicious and doubtful of Chris, despite your past experiences.
7. Mai is definitely a much better and realistic nickname that you learn only people who are close to you will call you.
8. You may not realize it, but your strong desire for male guidance was caused by every single rape that occurred years earlier.
9. You shouldn't have been so anti-social in school, you would have left better impressions for people about who you really are.
10. You shouldn't have stopped working out everyday, because you'll gain 80 pounds later.
11. You don't realize it, but your fear of loneliness will interfere with future relationships.
12. Despite all of those tearfilled days and beads of spilt blood, your rugged edges will make you tough later as well as a good decision maker. So try hard to stop thinking about ways to end it all.
13. Your dad has great intentions, but he's in fact a jerk. So stop making excuses for him, otherwise he'll never realize reality.
14. Cancer will make you more aware of the world and teach you patience is rewarding.
15. Whenever you feel like crying, do it. Don't hold back because you'll become weak later and won't be able to control it... even in public.
16. You should be nicer to mom, she is the one you can count on.
17. No matter how many times your step sister shaves your head, your hair will absolutely grow back and will be more luxurious than hers in the future. So just deal with it and be patient. Karma truly exists.
18. Step sister goes away for a few years. Don't get too excited, she comes back. And yes, she'll still steal from you.
19. Keep writing in your journal, because if you stop, your emotions will force you to fake happiness and then you'll never figure out how to stop doing that.
20. NEVER fall asleep with the dildo still out when you're 16! Even if you are exhausted, otherwise, you'll regret it later! Just remember. Your door HAS NO LOCK.
21. Smile and believe in yourself more. It'll boost up your academic scores.
22. Nick is a great friend, he's going to be like that brother you always wanted.
23. Love and accept Chris. It's okay to be cautious, but trust him more as it will make him more confident. He is very real and truly means it when he says he loves you.