Learning To Love You More




Assignment #52
Write the phone call you wish you could have.

Allison Smith
Virginia, USA



Sara: Hi, Allison?
Me: Hey.
Sara: Its Sara Wilson.
Me: Oh, hi.
Sara: I was just calling you to say I'm sorry.
Me: Oh.
Sara: Everything has been so out of control for the last month. I never wanted to hurt you. It breaks my heart when I see you.
Me: I'm sorry too.
Sara: I find myself wanting to take everything back. I wish I had never accused you when I knew you hadn't done anything wrong. I wish I hadn't turned away when you were more concerned with my well being than defending your reputation. I wish I hadn't slammed the door to my office.
Me: Yea.
Sara: I knew you were in her office. I knew you were crying because of me. I wanted to make it better, but I was too self involved. I felt helpless.
Me: I understand.
Sara: I miss you. I miss the long conversations about nothing. I miss feeling understood and cared for unconditionally. I miss our connection.
Me: I miss you too.
Sara: I want to start over with you. I know that there are lines we cannot cross. I'm not asking for another professional relationship with you. I know that can never happen again. I just want your friendship again.
Me: I don't know.
Sara: I know you can't trust me right now. I want to earn your trust back. I'm only asking for time.
Me: I can give you that.
Sara: I know I've never said it, but I do feel love for you. I always have.
Me: I know. I feel the same for you.
Sara: Where do we go from here?
Me: Forward, I guess. I do want to talk to you and trust you again. You have to know that when you got angry with me, my world fell apart. I couldn't get out of bed. I looked up to you so much.
Sara: I know.
Me: I have to go to work, but you can call me later if you want.
Sara: Can't I come see you?
Me: Not yet. I'm not ready.
Sara: Ok, so I will talk to you later.
Me: Yea.
Sara: Ok, bye.
Me: Bye