Learning To Love You More




Assignment #52
Write the phone call you wish you could have.

Brit Bele Exworthy
Seattle, Washington USA



Me: Hello, this is your daughter.
Him: Hello, this is your father.
Me: I am calling to ask you some questions.
Him: I'm glad. Go ahead.
Me: Why did you leave?
Him: I loved your mother too much, but we didn't work. Too much fire.
Me: Did you really work at the Frito Lay factory?
Him: No
Me: Do you still tap dance?
Him: Yes
Me: Can we do a karaoke duet of Mr. Bojangles together?
Him: Yes
Me: Can we tap dance during the instrumental break?
Him: Yes
Me: I have your record.
Him: You do?
Me: Yes. I would listen to it over and over again when I was a child. You missed that.
Him: I am sorry for that.
Me: I heard you have 10 children. You have been busy.
Him: That's true.
Me: Do you ever miss me amidst all of the commotion?
Him: Sometimes.
Me: I have your pale skin. I have your lanky arms.
Him: I see. Can I have them back?
Me: No.
Him: Are you happy?
Me: Yes, very. Oh, while I have you on the phone - Do any genetic diseases run in our family? Any familial health issues I should know about? I only ask because every time I go to the doctor they ask, and I never know what to say.
Him: Ataxia.
Me: That explains a lot.
Him: Does it?
Me: Yes. Did you know that mother became a terrible alcoholic?
Him: I'm sorry to hear that.
Me: She was never the same after you.
Him: So it goes. Shit, I am getting another call. I better take this.
Me: Okay, well thanks for finally picking up the phone. I was starting to think you were avoiding me. Goodbye.
Him: Yeah, Goodbye.