Learning To Love You More




Assignment #51
Describe what to do with your body when you die.

Danielle D.
Austin, Texas USA



1) Everyone in attendance to the wake and burial please wear all white. Celebrate my life not my death.
2) I would like the flowers to be Gerber daisy. They are not remindful of a funeral. Instead, they are bright, colorful, and cheery.
3) Forget the sorrowful music that drowns out tears. I want a full gospel choir in attendance praising the lord so loud that I can hear it from heaven. Music has been such a big part of my life and it can be so uplifting and inspirational.
4) People usually pay their respects by giving flowers or comfort food to the family in mourning. I ask instead of gifts, please make donations to an underprivileged children's school of the arts. Since art is my passion I want to help those who are passionate about art as well.
5) If there were a reception after the wake I would love to see my favorite foods there. As an Italian I fully believe that food brings people together. My family shows their love by making sure your favorite food in on the table when you come home from being away for a long period of time. I love my mom's taco casserole, yams, and liver and onions (don't say gross until you try them). Grandpa's diced potatoes and shrimp (actually everything he makes is great—what can I say he's an Italian chef).
6) I would like to be buried, not cremated—I don't know why; something inside of me says its just right.
7) The hardest part of all: where to be buried. Being a child of divorce with family plots in 2 different states and not having a family of my own makes this decision very difficult. Maybe there is no right decision. If I had to choose right now, I would like to be buried near my grandfather in New Jersey. We have a lot to catch up on, since we never got the chance to meet in this lifetime.
8) Instead of the traditional grave marker I would like (if possible) to have my grave marker be a park bench. I was walking in a nearby park and saw a bench dedicated to someone's loved one and I thought that would be a great alternative to a tombstone. The arms of the bench could still be engraved with the traditional years of my life, my name, and a message if my family chooses. But the bench can also be used for people to sit and reflex. We often don't stop and reflex as much as we should.
9) I would probably need a closed casket because I would like to have as many of my organs donated as possible, but I don't really want my family to make this known to any medical personnel until I am pronounced dead. I know this may sound paranoid, but I have heard that if doctors know you are an organ donor they put less effort in trying to save your life if need be because your organs can help someone else on the donor waiting list.