Learning To Love You More




Assignment #44
Make a "LTLYM assignment".

"Describe a dream you had which signaled a major shift in your life."
Diana Rico
Venice, California USA



1. Describe a dream you had which signaled a major shift in your life.
2. What was going on in your life, and what did your dream signify?
3. How has your life changed?
4. Write, draw, paint, sing, sculpt, perform, photograph or videotape something related to your dream.
- - - - - - -
1. I dreamed I was working at a place that resembled the LA County Art Museum. I was walking along outside and I came across some gigantic eagle feathers on the ground, and I knew they were for me. There were two wing feathers, at least five feet long, and a bunch of smaller chest feathers (the eagle's heart chakra!), each longer than my hand. I was SO happy to find this gift. When I woke up I felt like I was floating inside an enormous sphere of white, featherlight softness, like being suspended in white light.
2. I was at the midpoint of a writing residency in the woods on an island in the Pacific Northwest. I was struggling with acceptance of myself and my creative process.
3. After the dream I started seeing bald eagles almost every day flying in slow circles above the firs and cedars, nesting in a home they made that took up half a branch of a mature evergreen, perched as sentinels looking out to sea, and teaching their all-brown adolescent how to fly. I even found what I believe is the feather from the head of a bald eagle on a walk. (It sits on my computer altar now.) I also had a huge positive shift in my creative output and direction.
4. See image.