Learning To Love You More




Assignment #44
Make a "LTLYM assignment".

"Describe a reviled childhood tormenter and imagine how he/she may have come to redeem themselves in their adulthood."
Sea Cliff, New York USA



I contend that maintaining a profound hate of something directly impacts one's ability to express and feel love in other, un-related areas of one's life. So, for this assignment, describe a reviled childhood tormenter and imagine how he/she may have come to redeem themselves in their adulthood.
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Timothy O. was a big, loud kid of Irish descent who seemed to take pleasure in intimidating and ridiculing other children who expressed the slightest sign of joy or enthusiasm. He was responsible for more than one child limiting their participation in class for fear of attracting his scorn. I always imagined his home life to be completely devoid of warmth and compassion. If he didn't inspire so much hate and revulsion in me I would almost have had empathy for him and the dysfunctional, callous household he almost certainly endured.
I imagine that Timothy continued to be nasty well into his early adulthood. Finding himself adrift and his life devoid of meaningful relationships, he increasingly turned to drinking. He turned his anger and hate inward and quickly reached bottom. After several years of lonely self-destruction, he experienced an awakening. A stranger had selflessly rescued him one drunken night from a dangerous gang of youths. Timothy awoke the next morning and vowed to atone for his sins. Later that day, he cried uncontrollably remembering the moments of torment he both unleashed and suffered throughout his life. Timothy is now a humble, loving family man with a wife and three wonderful children. Each day he gives thanks for his good fortune and strives to exhibit compassion and selflessness in his daily activities.