Learning To Love You More




Assignment #44
Make a "LTLYM assignment".

"What would you do with $2000?"
Colleen Baran
Surrey, CANADA



If you could spend $2000 (USD) on yourself and could only buy things you don't need (i.e. no rent or groceries but) what would you buy? You can include overly 'deluxe' versions of things you need (like all organic groceries for the month) and definitely things you want (such as expensive shoes or a trip). Illustrate your examples with pictures or drawings. You can have just one item or as many as you want- try to think of small or large things that you would like but probably wouldn't buy yourself.
Things I would buy with $2000 (USD)
- - - - - - -
What I would do with $2000-
Supplies I want
-Durston rolling mill- 100mm flat- $566+shipping= $675
- 20 rolls of color film 200/400= $100-
- A few meters of really really good t shirt fabric and sturdy thread- $100
- Balls of black cashmere - so I can make super soft knee high Tabi socks that I will wear everyday and 'house slippers'- $75
- A super good quality sketchbook (11 x 14) with super lovely paper- $50-
- Ornamenta catalogue -$110
- Friedrich Becker- Jewellery. Kinetics. Objects- $110
- 100 Schmuckstuecke- Jewels 2001- $30-
- Messengers of modernism, American Studio Jewelry, - $50-
- Mikromegas – $35-
- Peter Chang- It's Only Plastics- Jewellery, Objects - $75
- Tone Vigeland- Jewellery and Sculpture– $75
- Gijs Bakker/Holysport/Shot- $14
- Gijs Bakker- Objects to Use- $48-
- Jill Bliss date book- $14-
+ shipping $70- (they are all over the world... could even be more)
Skin care:
-Aveda- tourmaline charged night creme- $45-
- Chunks of pure cocoa butter- $20
- MAC- Moisture feed eye crŹme $30
- I would take myself out for chai at 'East is East'- best chai ever ever - $5
- Smoking elephant- $20-
- Jesus' bar tips (drinks so good you'd swear they were a miracle) $15-
- 3 months yoga pass - $90
- A bunch of great organic tea- Especially 'Yogi Tea's- they are great and each bag has a fortune on the tag- example- 'You are a living existence of light: you need not seek anything.' -$20-
- A pack of cdrs that look like little records- $20-
- A new light weight book shelf- $100