Learning To Love You More




Assignment #44
Make a "LTLYM assignment".

"Turn Your Dream Into Notes For A Stage Production"
Christi Gravett-Carrington
Little Rock, Arkansas USA



So there are four people, right. All of them have recognizable names. I've already decided that one of them, the main character, will be Emily Dickinson, or a sort of modern looking Emily. There will be plenty of quotes from This Is My Letter To The World. I haven't thought out all the specifics just yet. It's going to be mainly, hopefully, this very funny and philosophical character study thing. The length of the play will be four people inside a zeppelin balloon type thing. There's only one window, and every time a certain character looks through it, all they can see is their childhood home, memories, etc...whizzing by. This leads them all to believe that they have died, and are on their way to "wherever." They spend most of the time on their knees, thanking God, praying to God, very sure that they all, at any moment, will be flying around on clouds with angels wings. But they don't crash. Instead, they have a sort of euphoric experience (this I haven't really thought out yet). The rest of the play takes place in three stages, Limbo, Hell, and finally, Heaven. The four land in a place that they soon learn to be Limbo. In this case, Limbo is this sort of boring YMCA that exists between Hell and Heaven. After two of these characters, Emily and another, figure out that they have a sort of faculty for weightlessness...they both decide that being trapped in this place couldn't possibly be worse than any Hell. (It should be noted here, that Emily is able to fly higher than the others. It just has to be that way, don't ask me why.) So these two manage to break through this place somehow, and fly to Hell. Hell, it turns out, is a lot like Limbo. It's equally as boring, only Hell is a big city. There are lots of people in Hell, lots of people that Emily soon learns, also flew from Limbo. This is where my mind kind of stops working. After they arrive here, Emily develops this theory, which pretty much ends up being: "Hey, if we're made in God's image, blab la bla." Her theory, her enlightenment (if you will) has a lot to do with Democratic Theism and...well...LOVE! Emily, the entire play, is the only one who doesn't really lose hope, that in the end, something good will happen. I'm thinking maybe, at the end, Emily and some other people should be sitting on a park bench in Hell, all sour looks on their faces. AND SUDDENLY this bright light comes, and there is this music that starts out "Heavenly"....but then ends up being something wacky...something to really throw everyone one off...something like a choir singing, "I'm a loser baby...so why don't you kill me!" Maybe I've lost my mind:) And the last line will be something like someone turning to Emily and saying, "Well, what did you expect God to be like?" The more I think about it, the less sense it makes. I don't know if I'm smart enough to make it make sense.