Learning To Love You More




Assignment #37
Write down a recent argument.

Rochester, New York USA



K-ho: I need to find some fabric for this project (making aprons) I might use some of this green stuff [points to girl scout pants and skirt while sitting at computer desk].
KT: What?! You can't use that. You can use one of my pillowcases-- they're the perfect size.
K-ho: Why can't I use them, we're never going to wear them.
KT: Who bought them?
K-ho: I don't remember anymore, do you want money for them?
KT: No, I don't want you to use them. Have you tried them on, we might want to wear them.
K-ho: Yeah, I tried them both on. Those pants are too skinny for me, I could barely get them up to my hips. And I couldn't zip up the skirt. I know you won't want to wear the skirt. Have you tried on the pants?
KT: I'm gonna try them on, I might wear them, they're really soft. [tries on pants and they nearly come up to the chest].
K-ho: Are they comfortable?
KT: No, look at them, they come up so high [laughs]. But I don't want you to use them. We can put them on a hanger and keep the set [4 pieces].
K-ho: Keep them for what?! To be one more thing crowding out the closet?
KT: They don't make these anymore [pulling at 70s Girl Scout tag]. Don't use these; you can use one of my pillowcases. I'm using a pillowcase and I have a bunch you can choose from.
K-ho: I don't want to use a pillowcase. Besides, its not like we'd be throwing them away, it would just exist in another form - ya know, pants to apron. [switches from argumentative tone to concerned/bemused tone] Are you crying? [goes over to sofa where KT is sitting]
KT: I'm not crying, I just don't want you to cut them up.
K-ho: Ok, I won't use them. I'll find some other fabric. I don't understand why you're upset about it, but I want to. Maybe you can try to explain it to me later.
KT: Yeah, I don't really know why, but I'll try...