Learning To Love You More




Assignment #37
Write down a recent argument.

LouLou Boggs
Seattle, Washington USA



L: So I'm thinking of being a slutty nerd for Halloween.
P: yeah?
L: Yeah. I'm gonna wear my hair in a gross, fish-tail braid and I might wear my retainer too. And I'll wear a really short skirt. And then when I meet a cute guy, I'll take out my retainer and run my tongue along my teeth and slurp my saliva back into my mouth all noisily....It'll be so hot. Who could resist that? But my retainer barely fits anymore, so I have to force it into my mouth and it starts to hurt right away...so it might be more pain than gain for the costume...do you think I should wear it?
P: I dunno...I have a built-in retainer.
L: So your teeth haven't moved then?
P: No.
L: Shit, mine are migrating badly...Do the bottom ones look crooked to you? (pulling back lips and baring teeth)
P: (Pauses to inspect) No not really...(long pause) Yunno, you should really check out Crest White Strips.
L: (Long pause) Wait... do my teeth look yellow or something?
P: (looking anxious): Well, I dunno, I was just thinking they aren't like Emily's brilliant, white smile...she just used them and it only takes four strips.
L: Well, I've tried them before and they burn my lips.
P: They're not that bad
L (hurt): I don't really care if my teeth are super white though... But I don't have rodent teeth or something do I?