Learning To Love You More




Assignment #37
Write down a recent argument.

Suffolk, ENGLAND



her: How do you make scrambled eggs?
me: I'll do it for you.
her: No Just tell me and I will do it on my own.
me: You wont cook it properly. Let me.
her: Well just do two eggs, then I can do another two eggs on my own afterwards.
me: OK.
her: How come you have mroe than me?!
me: I don't!
her: Look then!
me: Well I did make it.
her: Let me see how good your cooking is then.
me: Its not cooking. you just mix eggs and milk and cook it in a pan.
her: Why did you put dry herbs in it?
me: Tastes better. I'm not washing up by the way.
her: Yes! You are! Because you cooked it. Not me!
me: Well you asked me how to make it. I was busy before you asked me!
her: But you actually created the mess!
me: But I wouldn't have if you hadn't asked me!
me: Can you put the eggs and butter away please.
her: I didn't get them out.
me: Yes you did!
her: No!
me: Go and put them away!
her: No...I'm getting some ketchup.
(James takes a handful of scrambled egg from her plate when she is out of the room)
me: Wow. Look how much you have on your plate!
her: Oh my God! You took some off!
me: No.
her: Yes! Yes you did! I hate you!
me: It's only scrambled egg!