Learning To Love You More




Assignment #35
Ask your family to describe what you do.

Lottie Storey
Bristol, UK



Richard Storey, father (68)
Lottie's days are long. Married to Ben and with a newly arrived baby, Arthur, she devotes many hours to looking after baby, husband and house. She has a wide circle of friends and keeps in touch with them by email, Facebook and telephone. She is devoted to Arthur and will spend hours playing with him, attending to his needs, and making him laugh. At this time of year the garden becomes another room and Lottie will be in among the plants and flowers while Arthur sits in his swing and giggles.
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Sue Storey, mother (61)
Lottie spends most of her time looking after her one year old son Arthur. She is absolutely brilliant with him stimulating all his senses, so that he is an enchanting person who is very interested in all things new in the world. She is helping to do up her house in Southville and is about to embark on renovating the kitchen having completed the living areas, bathroom and bedroom. She is a very keen gardener and has replanted most of it including lots of different types of roses. Being a vegetarian, she is very interested in cooking, especially cakes. Her work at the A C involves organising exhibitions, writing for the website and organising staff.
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Sam Storey, brother (28)
I was going to just write "mum" because it's been what Lottie has been most busy doing lately. But then I thought it was a bit unfair because Arthur has a knack of stealing the show and in fact Lottie is much more than just a mum. I couldn't say exactly what she does for money - works in a shop or something. But I know she makes the best cakes I've ever eaten. And she's funny and creative and artistic. She IS an amazing mum, Arthur tells me all the time. You can see it on his face. He's very happy. In fact, in general terms, "makes other people happy" would be a pretty good description of what she does.