Learning To Love You More




Assignment #35
Ask your family to describe what you do.

Betsy Lewin
Alexandria, Virginia USA



Betsy is currently composing a three- panel painting for our friend Mary Ann. She described the concept to me. This has taken up a lot of her "thinking time."
Betsy has two jobs - for the artist Lou Stovall and at the local gym. She appears to like the gym job much better than the one for Lou. She sits at the front desk and checks people in and greets them. She also says some form of good-bye when they leave.
The job for Lou appears to be a source of frustration. She is not doing much art but driving Lou to appointments. In addition, she is working on finding decorating resources for a public building that Lou has been commissioned to "spruce up." She tells me that this is not something she enjoys doing.
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Betsy's days are very full. She works two jobs, she works out at the gym a lot, she's helping a friend decorate her house, and she cooks. She frequently goes to bed early.
She approaches her job with an artist very intensely. She gets worked up about the decor of a building she's involved in decorating. She is dogged in her determination that her opinions be heard and taken into account.
She is frustrated with her employer's "crabbiness" and with the judgmental way he treats her.
Her job at the local health club seems to be more satisfying for her.
She has the nicest telephone manner when she answers the phone.
She has to deal with crabby and overly demanding club members.
Bets is consulting with a friend on painting a wall in her house, and She appears to enjoy the give-and take of that project. She really wants to please those she does things for, and this experience is probably a good way to succeed at that goal.
Betsy approached these daily activities unconventionally, eschewing the "normal" way of looking at things in favor of more creative approaches.
This challenges her on the one hand and frustrates her on the other.
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Twin Sister, Nora:
You have amazing confidence in your beliefs and values. You have an unshakable moral core and you will undauntedly speak for what you believe is true- even to a stubborn, dogged, and perhaps aggressive degree (trademark Betsy).
Despite all this, you allow yourself to be open to new ideas, thoughts, And problems. You enjoy a challenge especially in how far it pushes you both physically and mentally. Your creativity is constantly sprouting from new and perhaps unconventional origins and it's the fact that you put yourself out there that enables this constant genesis. I feel that your insatiable hunger for truth and beauty is what makes you stand out in the art world and is something your professors clearly see and respect. You mentioned that a lot of art kids do things purely for shock value. This is not you. This will never be you because your art is much more profound than that. You are a complex person and it shows in your art.
I think your complexity and well, whole philosophy started at a very Young age. You were able to grasp a lot of abstract and metaphysical Theories especially in terms of Religion. I remember how much I envied your almost spiritual understanding of Buddhism in 5th grade. This has greatly carried over and I still envy you in your ability to grasp concepts like existentialism and even Catholicism.
Another Betsy-exclusive is your treatment of relationships. You treat Family and friends with the esteem they should be given as pillars of support and love. That may sound cliché but it's something I've learned from you over the years.
Family and friends should not be taken lightly or for granted. You have an immense capacity for sensitivity, compassion, and empathy , which makes yourself not only an amazing person but also friend and family member.
Despite how true you try to live, you disappoint me sometimes in your Lack of confidence. You have so much to offer (beauty, intelligence, Creativity ,compassion, etc.) and yet you seem so reluctant to be proud of it and think that some guy might see that in you.
Yes, I know your worth is not based on how you attract guys but it does reveal certain qualities. I wish you were more open to the thought of guys being attracted to you. You seem to shut that out and I don't know why.
I'm trying to be the Glass Man to your Amelie. So mon petit Amelie, what are you going to do?