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Assignment #35
Ask your family to describe what you do.

Edmonton, Alberta CANADA



Tamara, Sister
What I think Athena does with her time:
I think she shops and prepares healthy food.
I think she looks at websites that she finds interesting or that correspond to her hobbies.
I think she looks at a lot of literature, or things relating to books and novels she's read.
I think she spends a lot of time occupied with School, boyfriend, friends and family.
Ex: Like going out for birthdays, celebratory nights, special occasions and etc.
I think she plays with her dog.
I think she attends her work and extra curricular actives like sports, and exercising.
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Athena, is currently working on some paper for school, this takes up most of her free time when not attending school or working. She works for a while, then shifts to reading a book (again something related to either the paper she is working on or some other course) then she takes a break and researches something on the internet regarding "clean eating" or facebooks it for a while, maybe watches a little television then goes back to the paper she is working on. Squeezes in a bite to eat, some conversation with boyfriend Craig then back to studying.
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Erin, Sister
I think Athena lives her life to the fullest by packing in as much stuff as she possibly can such as working, homework, reading, spending time with family & friends, exercising, etc.. I believe her main interests and activities at the moment are learning (about everything and anything) and reading tons. Athena spends lots of time cooking good meals and then cleaning up (this includes rinsing out recyclables that nobody likes doing). I think a typical day for Athena goes like this... has school, goes home for maybe an hour, then goes to work, then goes home to cook a nice meal and then clean up, then homework unless she feel like she needs a break so instead she will check facebook and her email (including sending emails to her friends about issues that are important to her), watch maybe House/Lost/Flight of the Concords/or some sort of TV Series on DVD with Craig (Athena pretty much never watches TV), then probably feels guilty she didn't do any homework or not enough so will then stay up until midnight getting things done. On a weekend, she maybe sleeps in a bit, makes a nice breakfast (Athena loves breakfast), probably has plans with someone do to something or bogged down with a paper to write. In the evening, if she still isn't done her paper, she will work on that. If she is done her paper then maybe she will go out to dinner, go for dinner at a friends place, or go to a movie. These days are also filled with text messages and phone calls, and getting friends together and organizing outings.