Learning To Love You More




Assignment #14
Write your life story in less than a day.

Sara Madeleine
Baton Rouge, Louisiana USA



I probably wore boys clothes the first few years, all their friends were told to bring blue to the shower, and plus all the handmedowns were my brothers'. or in the excitement of their new business, my parents probably splurged for the first time in their life, my brothers remember that i am the product of splurge. either way, she likes to lie to make her points. i guess that's how i was born, one leg at a time like everyone else.
my great aunt is my guardian angel and her granddaughter is my best friend. i love writing them letters. otherwise, words mean as much or less than numbers and symbols are practically the only language i speak. so, i went to smith. my life balances itself directly proportionately to the amount of time i have to contemplate my life. half the people i adore think i'm outrageously bouyant, half will always see floating as half sunk. now i'm in grad school and purpose is leaking in slowly thru the spaces. i play this game where instead of reading across, i read down. it helps. plus, my sleep schedule is directly proportionate to the force of the long slow suck. i will probably have children. i will probably continue to feel self concious in dresses around my parents. i will probably get in trouble for being too friendly. if you can hug without letting emotions get caught, bring it on gently. otherwise, just know i'm really getting good at channeling my anger. and i'm strong.