Learning To Love You More




Assignment #14
Write your life story in less than a day.

David and Rhea
Riverside/San Pedro, California USA



HiMyNameIsRhea (12:08:00 AM): talking to Jaws
HiMyNameIsRhea (12:08:07 AM): what are you doing?
RasputinFA (12:09:30 AM): trying to write
HiMyNameIsRhea (12:09:42 AM): ill leave you be then
RasputinFA (12:09:43 AM): has she gotten any books?
HiMyNameIsRhea (12:09:53 AM): books?
RasputinFA (12:10:04 AM): barnes and nobles
HiMyNameIsRhea (12:10:13 AM): oh haha no
RasputinFA (12:11:49 AM): hmmmmmmm
RasputinFA (12:11:58 AM): tell me something about the second house youve lived in
HiMyNameIsRhea (12:12:09 AM): second...
HiMyNameIsRhea (12:12:27 AM): ive lived in so many
HiMyNameIsRhea (12:12:32 AM): let me think of it
RasputinFA (12:14:44 AM): think
HiMyNameIsRhea (12:14:52 AM): well just tell me an age
HiMyNameIsRhea (12:15:23 AM): ok
HiMyNameIsRhea (12:15:38 AM): at my house..we referred to it as the yellow house
HiMyNameIsRhea (12:15:47 AM): and we used to have a live-in maid
HiMyNameIsRhea (12:15:51 AM): and one of them i didnt like
HiMyNameIsRhea (12:16:17 AM): and we had a screen door that locked, and i used to run outside (i was about 3) and she'd run after me and then id run back inside and lock the screen door and shed be stuck outside
HiMyNameIsRhea (12:16:24 AM): thats not really about the house though
RasputinFA (12:17:02 AM): yes it is
HiMyNameIsRhea (12:17:26 AM): my mom's room had linoleum floors
HiMyNameIsRhea (12:17:42 AM): and my parents used to fight and id roll up a piece of paper into a cone and stand on the bed and tell them to stop
HiMyNameIsRhea (12:17:45 AM): in that room
RasputinFA (12:18:17 AM): keep going
HiMyNameIsRhea (12:18:23 AM): oh ok
RasputinFA (12:18:25 AM): please
HiMyNameIsRhea (12:19:06 AM): my room was lavender
HiMyNameIsRhea (12:19:12 AM): haha
HiMyNameIsRhea (12:19:28 AM): and...
HiMyNameIsRhea (12:19:40 AM): one time our live-in made sand crabs
HiMyNameIsRhea (12:19:43 AM): she cooked them
HiMyNameIsRhea (12:19:52 AM): and my parents were really upset becuase theyre gross
HiMyNameIsRhea (12:20:18 AM): and then they fired her after that because she always complained that we never ate beef and only chicken
HiMyNameIsRhea (12:21:47 AM): i remember taking baths there
HiMyNameIsRhea (12:21:53 AM): and i had dry skin
HiMyNameIsRhea (12:22:01 AM): so i had to bathe with aveeno oatmeal stuff
HiMyNameIsRhea (12:22:11 AM): and it made the water all muddy and i used to be afraid of it
HiMyNameIsRhea (12:22:35 AM): and my dad would have to make sure that i was in there long enough to get my skin undry
HiMyNameIsRhea (12:23:02 AM): and i used to take kleenex in the water with me and try to get the oatmeal out and he used to get mad having to scoop out all that wet kleenex
HiMyNameIsRhea (12:23:05 AM): being three ruled
HiMyNameIsRhea (12:23:29 AM): am i rambling?
RasputinFA (12:23:50 AM): no, keep going
HiMyNameIsRhea (12:24:03 AM): what are you doing?
RasputinFA (12:27:22 AM): i am reading what you are typing from the begininng im a little behing
RasputinFA (12:27:26 AM): but keep typing
RasputinFA (12:27:34 AM): behind
HiMyNameIsRhea (12:28:10 AM): ok
HiMyNameIsRhea (12:29:01 AM): in my moms linoluem bedroom is where i learned to read
HiMyNameIsRhea (12:29:14 AM): she had a huge, round oak table by the closet
HiMyNameIsRhea (12:29:28 AM): and we'd sit there and she'd teach me rhymes
HiMyNameIsRhea (12:29:38 AM): then my mom found another ladie's bra in that closet
HiMyNameIsRhea (12:29:44 AM): that was the beginning of the end of our family
RasputinFA (12:31:24 AM): we had a maid; my dad fired her cause he thought she stole his cameras
RasputinFA (12:31:28 AM): he found his cameras later
HiMyNameIsRhea (12:31:40 AM): yeh, my dad did that too
RasputinFA (12:31:42 AM): my sister said she saw her cry; i think her name was mariah
HiMyNameIsRhea (12:31:50 AM): because he thought she was stealing his change from the change jar
HiMyNameIsRhea (12:34:12 AM): when we wre moving from that house
HiMyNameIsRhea (12:34:15 AM): and into our new house
HiMyNameIsRhea (12:34:33 AM): my dad decided to push the refridgerator up the hill
HiMyNameIsRhea (12:34:51 AM): because we wre only moving up the street, and it was too heavy and he lost it and it fell down the hill.
HiMyNameIsRhea (12:35:39 AM): my parents were very poor back then, and my mom was upset that she'd have to buy a new one. the reason why we only ate chicken was because that's all my grandma ate, and since we had no money my mom would sneak into her refridge in the garage and steal frozen chicken so we could eat
HiMyNameIsRhea (12:35:44 AM): then the maid kept complaining.
RasputinFA (12:37:51 AM): do you ever think about things you've forgot?
RasputinFA (12:38:04 AM): not try to remember them; but just about forgetting your life
HiMyNameIsRhea (12:38:10 AM): yeh
RasputinFA (12:38:57 AM): ...
HiMyNameIsRhea (12:39:29 AM): do i try to forget?
HiMyNameIsRhea (12:39:29 AM): no
HiMyNameIsRhea (12:39:34 AM): wait im confused
RasputinFA (12:39:41 AM): i mean, think about things youve forgotten
HiMyNameIsRhea (12:39:51 AM): oh yeh
HiMyNameIsRhea (12:39:55 AM): one time...
HiMyNameIsRhea (12:39:59 AM): this is a total stoner story
HiMyNameIsRhea (12:40:18 AM): i got really trashed and alll these images of my childhood were popping up that i rarely think of
HiMyNameIsRhea (12:40:22 AM): all at once, one after other
HiMyNameIsRhea (12:40:24 AM): it was craz
HiMyNameIsRhea (12:40:26 AM): y
HiMyNameIsRhea (12:41:48 AM): that was rather irrelevant
RasputinFA (12:42:01 AM): ha; tell me more
HiMyNameIsRhea (12:42:30 AM): more about what
RasputinFA (12:42:37 AM): your house
HiMyNameIsRhea (12:42:51 AM): the same one?
RasputinFA (12:43:40 AM): sure
RasputinFA (12:43:43 AM): inside it
RasputinFA (12:43:45 AM): outside it
RasputinFA (12:43:52 AM): ramble
RasputinFA (12:45:01 AM): hey, is this whole conversation still open?
HiMyNameIsRhea (12:45:15 AM): what do you mean
HiMyNameIsRhea (12:45:16 AM): open?
RasputinFA (12:45:26 AM): like, is it all still there all the text?
HiMyNameIsRhea (12:45:40 AM): yeh
RasputinFA (12:46:04 AM): you should submit it as your life story
HiMyNameIsRhea (12:46:08 AM): haha
RasputinFA (12:46:10 AM): the conversation
HiMyNameIsRhea (12:46:12 AM): i dont know
RasputinFA (12:46:19 AM): yeahhhhhhhhhhh
RasputinFA (12:46:27 AM): it is something beautiful
HiMyNameIsRhea (12:46:31 AM): thats not a life story
HiMyNameIsRhea (12:46:35 AM): its not beautiful
RasputinFA (12:46:39 AM): then keep talking
HiMyNameIsRhea (12:47:11 AM): in another house i kept all my toys in a closed in balcony
HiMyNameIsRhea (12:47:19 AM): and one time while like live in was vaccuuming
HiMyNameIsRhea (12:47:39 AM): i hid in there with the scissors and watched the cord disapear from the room and then i cut my bangs
HiMyNameIsRhea (12:47:50 AM): for the longest time i had this silly looking triangle in the front of my head
HiMyNameIsRhea (12:48:48 AM): that was the second time i had done that
RasputinFA (12:49:22 AM): (keep writing.... i'm gonna go make coffee.... )
HiMyNameIsRhea (12:49:40 AM): coffee. youre insane
HiMyNameIsRhea (12:49:46 AM): now my mind is starting to stop
HiMyNameIsRhea (12:49:54 AM): i dont know how much more i can remember
HiMyNameIsRhea (12:50:23 AM): we lived upstairs in that duplex and we had a window in the front that looked over 13th street
HiMyNameIsRhea (12:50:35 AM): and i could see my mom drive up the street when she came home from work
HiMyNameIsRhea (12:51:04 AM): i used to wait behind the sofa and look out the window, biting off my nail polish, waiting for her to come home
HiMyNameIsRhea (12:51:18 AM): she came home once and she was crying, and my dad ran out to her and then they left
HiMyNameIsRhea (12:51:54 AM): they made me stay home and i cried and cried because i was so worried, and i found out my mom had hurt her shoulder at work and had gone to the hospital
HiMyNameIsRhea (12:52:04 AM): then i was happy because she stayed home for a few months
RasputinFA (12:55:55 AM): my rat bit my mom
HiMyNameIsRhea (12:55:58 AM): hahaha
RasputinFA (12:56:02 AM): and she got blood poisoning
HiMyNameIsRhea (12:56:08 AM): whoa!
RasputinFA (12:56:10 AM): she was home for a long time; in bed.
HiMyNameIsRhea (12:56:14 AM): oh sorry
RasputinFA (12:56:21 AM): they almost had to amputate her arm
HiMyNameIsRhea (12:56:22 AM): now i feel like an asshole
HiMyNameIsRhea (12:56:23 AM): what!
RasputinFA (12:56:26 AM): ha ha
HiMyNameIsRhea (12:56:31 AM): youre lying
RasputinFA (12:56:36 AM): no
RasputinFA (12:56:41 AM): it was my rat
RasputinFA (12:56:45 AM): actually, i had a bunch
HiMyNameIsRhea (12:56:49 AM): haha ew creepy
RasputinFA (12:57:02 AM): i lived in a yellow house too
HiMyNameIsRhea (12:57:03 AM): a lot at one time?
HiMyNameIsRhea (12:57:06 AM): bright yellow?
RasputinFA (12:57:11 AM): bright yellow
RasputinFA (12:57:19 AM): w/ a bright green lawn
HiMyNameIsRhea (12:57:23 AM): mine had ivy
HiMyNameIsRhea (12:57:25 AM): no lawn
RasputinFA (12:57:37 AM): and a black electric gate that my dad put in
RasputinFA (12:57:51 AM): and a cheap wooden gate on the other side
RasputinFA (12:58:10 AM): and brick walls seperating the three other houses
RasputinFA (12:58:20 AM): i used to climb on those walls
HiMyNameIsRhea (12:58:31 AM): did you ever fall?
RasputinFA (12:58:38 AM): no
RasputinFA (12:58:43 AM): never
HiMyNameIsRhea (12:58:58 AM): i need an oreo hold on
RasputinFA (12:59:22 AM): at my first house
RasputinFA (12:59:40 AM): i would go to the red haired lady two doors down
RasputinFA (12:59:45 AM): and get graham crackers
HiMyNameIsRhea (12:59:49 AM): haha
RasputinFA (12:59:52 AM): she is probably dead now
RasputinFA (12:59:56 AM): we had a pond
HiMyNameIsRhea (12:59:58 AM): how old were you
RasputinFA (1:00:13 AM): actually, the only images i remember (i was 4 and younger)
RasputinFA (1:00:21 AM): are kumquats
RasputinFA (1:00:25 AM): kumqaits
RasputinFA (1:00:28 AM): cumquats
RasputinFA (1:00:33 AM): however you spell it
HiMyNameIsRhea (1:00:34 AM): kumquats!!!!
HiMyNameIsRhea (1:00:36 AM): yessssssssssss
HiMyNameIsRhea (1:00:42 AM): my grandma had a tree
RasputinFA (1:00:43 AM): and a thing for fires that you pump air
RasputinFA (1:00:46 AM): we had a tree too
RasputinFA (1:00:50 AM): and two dogs
RasputinFA (1:00:57 AM): nancy was born on the same day is I
RasputinFA (1:01:04 AM): march 23 1982
HiMyNameIsRhea (1:01:05 AM): who is nancy
RasputinFA (1:01:10 AM): my dog
HiMyNameIsRhea (1:01:13 AM): oh yes
HiMyNameIsRhea (1:01:14 AM): not harriet?
RasputinFA (1:01:27 AM): that is my dad's new dog
HiMyNameIsRhea (1:01:31 AM): oh
RasputinFA (1:01:33 AM): its funny how you can have new things
RasputinFA (1:01:39 AM): before that was shadow
RasputinFA (1:01:45 AM): before that was laddie and nancy
RasputinFA (1:01:52 AM): and... actually, there was little dog
HiMyNameIsRhea (1:01:58 AM): who named him
HiMyNameIsRhea (1:02:00 AM): them*
RasputinFA (1:02:00 AM): but i dont remember much about little dog
RasputinFA (1:02:04 AM): we found him
HiMyNameIsRhea (1:02:10 AM): 'little dog'?
RasputinFA (1:02:12 AM): probably my dad
RasputinFA (1:02:17 AM): we found little dog
RasputinFA (1:02:21 AM): and called him little dog
HiMyNameIsRhea (1:02:26 AM): hahaha
RasputinFA (1:02:38 AM): i kind of blocked him out, i don't know why
RasputinFA (1:02:49 AM): i used to photograph spiders in front of my house
RasputinFA (1:02:55 AM): now i photograph me inside my old room
HiMyNameIsRhea (1:03:10 AM): yeh, that day was strange
RasputinFA (1:03:51 AM): i left that house when my mom left
RasputinFA (1:03:59 AM): to another house in el segundo
RasputinFA (1:04:06 AM): that was only for a few years
RasputinFA (1:04:15 AM): i remember the den, where my sister slept
RasputinFA (1:04:18 AM): and my room
RasputinFA (1:04:24 AM): i had my own bathroom
RasputinFA (1:04:27 AM): a small room
RasputinFA (1:04:42 AM): and i had a big large room inside the garage
RasputinFA (1:04:46 AM): i would make music there
RasputinFA (1:05:01 AM): and sometimes sit there during lunch; i would come home during lunch and sit in there
RasputinFA (1:05:14 AM): we werent supposed to leave the campus, but i only lived across the street
RasputinFA (1:05:23 AM): and i wouldnt have done anything on campus
RasputinFA (1:05:34 AM): so i sat alone in my garage at ate a sandwhich
RasputinFA (1:05:49 AM): i remember enchiladas in that house
RasputinFA (1:06:02 AM): and stealing a beer from across the street and drinking it w/ orange juice
RasputinFA (1:06:22 AM): and my dad would sometimes come over and bang on the windows because we wouldn't let him inside
RasputinFA (1:06:36 AM): this is when my mom wasnt home, and he would want to see us
RasputinFA (1:06:40 AM): me and my sister
RasputinFA (1:07:07 AM): i started a band, then my mom moved to pedro
RasputinFA (1:07:16 AM): i remember holding the bird cages on our way there
RasputinFA (1:07:21 AM): when we officially moved
RasputinFA (1:07:28 AM): i thought the car ride was soo long
HiMyNameIsRhea (1:07:29 AM): biiiirrd
HiMyNameIsRhea (1:07:32 AM): yeh
RasputinFA (1:07:39 AM): down the 110, all these new things to look at from the car
RasputinFA (1:07:43 AM): refineries
RasputinFA (1:07:49 AM): the long beach harbor
RasputinFA (1:07:59 AM): colorful storage containers with chinese writing
RasputinFA (1:08:40 AM): then my mom would drive me to school everyday
RasputinFA (1:08:51 AM): and everyday i would look at the same things
RasputinFA (1:08:57 AM): or, sleep.
RasputinFA (1:09:01 AM): i like sleeping.
RasputinFA (1:09:15 AM): i had photo in the mornings, and all day my hands would smell like chemicals.
RasputinFA (1:09:46 AM): i wish someone would have taught me how to write in HS
RasputinFA (1:09:59 AM): i had to learn that on my own/ after HS
RasputinFA (1:10:04 AM): not even in college
RasputinFA (1:10:25 AM): these can't really exist w/ out writing them down
RasputinFA (1:10:33 AM): or thinking about things
RasputinFA (1:10:48 AM): my thoughts are disintergrating right now
RasputinFA (1:10:54 AM): there is really bad coffe waiting for me
RasputinFA (1:11:21 AM): i need to sleep soon, but i'm not even at my apt
HiMyNameIsRhea (1:11:26 AM): why is it really bad
HiMyNameIsRhea (1:11:28 AM): where are you?
RasputinFA (1:11:31 AM): at school
HiMyNameIsRhea (1:11:37 AM): still?
RasputinFA (1:11:37 AM): in the video editing lab.
HiMyNameIsRhea (1:11:38 AM): eeeee
RasputinFA (1:11:41 AM): yeah.
RasputinFA (1:11:51 AM): i gotta go outside in the freezing and get home
RasputinFA (1:11:56 AM): and then make udon
RasputinFA (1:12:09 AM): and i can't type anything becauze i'm out of ink
HiMyNameIsRhea (1:13:22 AM): you dont use a computer?
HiMyNameIsRhea (1:13:28 AM): i wish i could eat udon
HiMyNameIsRhea (1:14:06 AM): waah wah
HiMyNameIsRhea (1:15:36 AM): i'll mail you some ink
RasputinFA (1:16:15 AM): i'll get some on saturday
HiMyNameIsRhea (1:16:29 AM): i think im going to go read
RasputinFA (1:16:30 AM): computers are for school.. but i have a typewriter for thinking
RasputinFA (1:16:34 AM): you don't have to turn it on
HiMyNameIsRhea (1:16:39 AM): yes, that's true
RasputinFA (1:16:42 AM): and its always there; like your head.
RasputinFA (1:16:50 AM): except when there's no ink
HiMyNameIsRhea (1:17:05 AM): hmmm
RasputinFA (1:17:15 AM): hey, can i send this in?
RasputinFA (1:17:56 AM): you know what you sould find me?
RasputinFA (1:18:00 AM): scratch paper.
RasputinFA (1:18:07 AM): so i don't need ink to type
HiMyNameIsRhea (1:18:22 AM): send it in
HiMyNameIsRhea (1:18:33 AM): scratch paper?
HiMyNameIsRhea (1:18:37 AM): youre crazy
HiMyNameIsRhea (1:18:42 AM): does it even exist?
RasputinFA (1:18:51 AM): you dont know what im talking about?
RasputinFA (1:18:58 AM): that black paper that you scratch
RasputinFA (1:19:02 AM): and it shows up on the other side
HiMyNameIsRhea (1:19:08 AM): yes
RasputinFA (1:19:10 AM): for tracing, maybe, i don't knwo what its for
HiMyNameIsRhea (1:19:16 AM): oh yes
HiMyNameIsRhea (1:19:19 AM): hmm
RasputinFA (1:19:44 AM): are the nights cold?
RasputinFA (1:19:48 AM): i want to sleep outside
HiMyNameIsRhea (1:19:50 AM): yes
RasputinFA (1:19:55 AM): it would be insane to do it here
RasputinFA (1:19:58 AM): it freezes
RasputinFA (1:20:02 AM): that is what i remember
RasputinFA (1:20:05 AM): in catalina
HiMyNameIsRhea (1:20:06 AM): why do you want to sleep outside? its too cold right now
RasputinFA (1:20:17 AM): i slept on the sand
RasputinFA (1:20:20 AM): and when i woke up
HiMyNameIsRhea (1:20:20 AM): ha
RasputinFA (1:20:25 AM): i was staring at the sky
RasputinFA (1:20:32 AM): and i remember it, and i remember see it
RasputinFA (1:20:36 AM): it was just there
RasputinFA (1:20:41 AM): like i could reach out and touch it
RasputinFA (1:20:52 AM): i remember waking up and seeing the sky
RasputinFA (1:21:03 AM): before any words or any thought was there
RasputinFA (1:21:16 AM): right inbetween dream and wake
RasputinFA (1:21:20 AM): if that place exists
RasputinFA (1:21:25 AM): i think it does
RasputinFA (1:21:32 AM): im there everymorning
HiMyNameIsRhea (1:22:36 AM): well i think you ought to wait till spring at least
RasputinFA (1:22:45 AM): ug
RasputinFA (1:23:05 AM): sleeping bags
RasputinFA (1:23:08 AM): roofs
HiMyNameIsRhea (1:23:10 AM): eeeeeee
RasputinFA (1:23:19 AM): eeeeeee? what is eeeeeee?
HiMyNameIsRhea (1:23:28 AM): exciting squeal
RasputinFA (1:23:34 AM): ive been listening to the same song on repeat
HiMyNameIsRhea (1:23:37 AM): which one?
RasputinFA (1:23:56 AM): the last song on fugazi's end hits
RasputinFA (1:24:10 AM): i drove to see fugazi in arizona three years ago
RasputinFA (1:24:16 AM): black heart procession opened up
HiMyNameIsRhea (1:24:17 AM): really?
HiMyNameIsRhea (1:24:20 AM): haha
RasputinFA (1:24:25 AM): zack and todd went
RasputinFA (1:24:33 AM): and daphne, do you know daphne?
RasputinFA (1:24:38 AM): she was from pv
HiMyNameIsRhea (1:24:41 AM): yeh
HiMyNameIsRhea (1:24:43 AM): shes greek
RasputinFA (1:24:53 AM): yeah;
HiMyNameIsRhea (1:24:59 AM): yeh
RasputinFA (1:25:20 AM): we stopped at the dinasours on the way back
RasputinFA (1:25:26 AM): you know? those big dinosaurs?
HiMyNameIsRhea (1:25:29 AM): what?
HiMyNameIsRhea (1:25:30 AM): no
RasputinFA (1:25:36 AM): on the side of some freeway
RasputinFA (1:25:42 AM): they were in the pee wee herman movie
RasputinFA (1:25:48 AM): you can go inside them
HiMyNameIsRhea (1:25:51 AM): weird
RasputinFA (1:26:04 AM): and theres lots of windmills
RasputinFA (1:26:10 AM): like when yyou drive to SF
HiMyNameIsRhea (1:26:12 AM): yesss
RasputinFA (1:26:17 AM): and you see green hills
RasputinFA (1:26:29 AM): and if you drive up the 5 you get the cows
HiMyNameIsRhea (1:26:45 AM): the cows the poor cows
HiMyNameIsRhea (1:26:48 AM): they make me sad
RasputinFA (1:27:05 AM): i should go back to my apt. soon
HiMyNameIsRhea (1:27:11 AM): yes, you should
RasputinFA (1:27:25 AM): we have to keep talking about our life story
HiMyNameIsRhea (1:27:34 AM): ok
HiMyNameIsRhea (1:27:38 AM): sounds like a good idea
RasputinFA (1:28:38 AM): we should atleast talk about birth
HiMyNameIsRhea (1:28:44 AM): birth?
HiMyNameIsRhea (1:28:48 AM): i dont remember being born
HiMyNameIsRhea (1:28:50 AM): haha
RasputinFA (1:28:53 AM): i cant rember that either
RasputinFA (1:28:58 AM): what about yesterday?
HiMyNameIsRhea (1:28:59 AM): i remember being baptized
HiMyNameIsRhea (1:29:06 AM): i remember yesterday
RasputinFA (1:29:14 AM): i have strange religious memories
RasputinFA (1:29:18 AM): inside churches
HiMyNameIsRhea (1:29:19 AM): whoa
RasputinFA (1:29:30 AM): going to churches w/ friends
HiMyNameIsRhea (1:29:35 AM): haha!
HiMyNameIsRhea (1:29:37 AM): i remember that
RasputinFA (1:29:49 AM): a yamakah
HiMyNameIsRhea (1:30:06 AM): i dont have any yamakahs in mine
RasputinFA (1:30:14 AM): in a park on easter
HiMyNameIsRhea (1:30:27 AM): weird family friends' houses on easter
RasputinFA (1:30:32 AM): i went to catholic school for kindergarden
RasputinFA (1:30:42 AM): for one year
HiMyNameIsRhea (1:30:44 AM): i went to episcopalian till the 5th grade
RasputinFA (1:31:07 AM): i saw the teachers bible, a children's bible, in the store in the mall, and i made my mom buy it
HiMyNameIsRhea (1:31:13 AM): hahaha
RasputinFA (1:31:15 AM): i screamed and wined until she bought it
HiMyNameIsRhea (1:31:18 AM): hahahaha
RasputinFA (1:31:19 AM): i didnt even read any
RasputinFA (1:31:27 AM): i just remember some pictures
RasputinFA (1:31:31 AM): a lion or something
RasputinFA (1:31:55 AM): i had a friend named levi
RasputinFA (1:31:59 AM): i don't know where he went
HiMyNameIsRhea (1:32:00 AM): levi..haha
RasputinFA (1:32:05 AM): oh yeah; he went to arizona
RasputinFA (1:32:12 AM): i visited him once
HiMyNameIsRhea (1:32:18 AM): i had a friend and i dont remember her name but i keep wanted to call her celery
RasputinFA (1:32:24 AM): i saw his can of turtle soup - i cant remember if we ate it or not
HiMyNameIsRhea (1:32:25 AM): shes the first friend i made in preeschool
RasputinFA (1:32:37 AM): i can remember making friends
RasputinFA (1:33:04 AM): i used to go to a ymca after school
RasputinFA (1:33:12 AM): lots of kids
RasputinFA (1:33:15 AM): lots of stories
HiMyNameIsRhea (1:33:22 AM): i had daycare all of grade school
RasputinFA (1:33:36 AM): i used to ride my bike to school
RasputinFA (1:33:49 AM): when i was in 5th grade
RasputinFA (1:33:59 AM): one time a kid stole my bike handle; i know who it was
RasputinFA (1:34:07 AM): some little punk.
RasputinFA (1:34:32 AM): i remember when i lived on maple street i used to watch a punk rock kid walk down the street every morning
RasputinFA (1:34:37 AM): probably on his way to school
HiMyNameIsRhea (1:34:41 AM): how old was he?
RasputinFA (1:34:44 AM): i lived in that house in 8 and on
HiMyNameIsRhea (1:34:45 AM): high school?
RasputinFA (1:34:51 AM): he was probably high school, yeah
RasputinFA (1:34:57 AM): lets say its the eighties....
HiMyNameIsRhea (1:35:01 AM): haha
RasputinFA (1:35:05 AM): who was he seing?????
RasputinFA (1:35:19 AM): this was the south bay; man, this place has history
HiMyNameIsRhea (1:35:31 AM): yeh, thats weird
HiMyNameIsRhea (1:35:33 AM): it creeps me out
RasputinFA (1:35:38 AM): late eighties, maybe.
RasputinFA (1:36:07 AM): we should track down all the old clubs
HiMyNameIsRhea (1:36:14 AM): and do what to them
RasputinFA (1:36:15 AM): there was danncing waters, i think its in pedro
HiMyNameIsRhea (1:36:19 AM): yeh
RasputinFA (1:36:22 AM): look at the buildings
HiMyNameIsRhea (1:36:35 AM): how far back did the pch club go
RasputinFA (1:36:38 AM): i like looking at old buildings, or spaces where things used to be
RasputinFA (1:36:54 AM): were things we give meaning to once happened
RasputinFA (1:37:13 AM): i don't know. i went there once; saw jfa and some other band on that label in long beach
RasputinFA (1:37:21 AM): at the drive in played there.
RasputinFA (1:37:41 AM): the hollywood clubs go back a while
RasputinFA (1:37:45 AM): but they are shit now.
RasputinFA (1:37:56 AM): i used to have my mom drive me out to go see naked aggression at the roxy
RasputinFA (1:38:06 AM): she would drop us off, and my friends dad would pick us up
HiMyNameIsRhea (1:38:06 AM): hahaha
RasputinFA (1:38:16 AM): we would be the last ones to leave; we were so young
RasputinFA (1:38:20 AM): it was great.
HiMyNameIsRhea (1:38:24 AM): why the last? not the first?
RasputinFA (1:38:39 AM): cauze we would call when the show was over, and it would take a while
RasputinFA (1:38:43 AM): we growing up
RasputinFA (1:38:45 AM): we still are
RasputinFA (1:38:54 AM): we dont stop; you are growing up in a park
HiMyNameIsRhea (1:39:26 AM): the same one
RasputinFA (1:39:36 AM): ok; back to your footprints.
HiMyNameIsRhea (1:39:46 AM): aha
RasputinFA (1:39:50 AM): you should make them DEEP
RasputinFA (1:39:54 AM): into the ground
RasputinFA (1:40:01 AM): so everyone can see that you were there.
RasputinFA (1:40:10 AM): its time to go home
RasputinFA (1:40:18 AM): maybe ill be on when i get back.
RasputinFA (1:40:32 AM): how do you end this? today?
HiMyNameIsRhea (1:40:32 AM): im going to lay down and stay awake
RasputinFA (1:40:49 AM): today;............ today i tried to remember.
RasputinFA (1:41:10 AM): bye.
HiMyNameIsRhea (1:41:17 AM): bye
HiMyNameIsRhea (1:44:43 AM): dont drink the coffee
RasputinFA (1:45:04 AM): i already did
HiMyNameIsRhea (1:45:08 AM): youre fucked