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Assignment #14
Write your life story in less than a day.

Alex Franks
Lynchburg, Virginia
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My Life Story (abridged edition)
I was born in Henrico Doctor s Hospital in Richmond, Virginia. The date was April 7, 1985. I know that I was taken home in a small vehicle made by Honda. My room was very small, and I had 3 windows. My wallpaper was very colorful as well. I was an unusually quite baby. Apparently, I rarely ever cried, screamed or complained.
Before my second birthday I cant remember anything. I know that when I turned two years old my birthday party was recorded on tape and nearly all of the family I ever had showed up. I received presents that any other kid my age would receive: toy cars, new clothes, etc. I had a nice cake to go with it all as well. At that point I didn t think life could get any better.
Eventually I started preschool. My preschool took place in a church called Salisbury Church. It was very quiet, and the school was very easy. It was here that I gained many of the friends that I still have today. It was about this time when my sister was born, and my Dad was really beginning to pick up in his career as an anesthesiologist. This would be the beginning of a beneficial journey for him as well as me.
After preschool was finished my family got two dogs. They were Alaskan Malamutes, and for the longest time they were my favorite things in the world. At this time I was around five or so, and spent almost every afternoon playing with these dogs. The following fall I started kindergarten at a school in Richmond, VA. I never really wanted to go to school, but I guess at this point in time I really had no choice. The school was very small. In fact, it was the second year the school had even existed so there were only about ten kids in my entire class. I spent nine years at that school however, and every year more and more people began to show up. This was the second place where I met the majority of my friends.
As time went on things got slightly harder on my family. When I turned ten years old my parents split up because they felt they needed time away from each other because things just weren t going right. This made me upset, and at the time it was too confusing for me to understand. I was able to move on, but I had to constantly visit my Father at an apartment about twenty minutes away from my home. By the time I was thirteen years old my parents had gotten back together, but not before splitting up two more times.
When I reached fourteen years of age I was finally done with middle school. I was the first student ever to go to that school for nine years in a row. Everyone thought that was something to be proud of, but I didn t think so. I was just happy to have accomplished everything I needed to accomplish before going into high school.
That Summer I received my first actual job. It was at a big mortgage company that my neighbor owned. It was a very rough job because it dealt a lot with paper, and it was in a very hectic office environment. I had to keep it though because it was the highest paying job I could find. This was the job I kept for three summers in a row. When I earned a paycheck I usually brought music, movies and other sources of entertainment. At this point I was very interested in music, and I stayed interested throughout my years of high school and I am still very interested in it now.
Finally, in spring of 2003 I graduated high school. I was once again very happy to have gotten another chapter of my life out of the way. It was at this point I started visiting several colleges, and found Lynchburg College. It is here that I am currently enrolled. I just began college and life has gotten even harder. I hope to someday get out of here, but this is about as far as I can go with my life story. Eighteen years down, hopefully many more to go. This has been my un-detailed, and abridged life story.