Learning To Love You More




Assignment #14
Write your life story in less than a day.

Charrish Ferguson
Turks and Caicos Islands,



In April 1985 the Bahamas was never the same; I breathed for the first time that year. It was the best thing in Bahamaian history.
In '91 my brother and I got a sister. Oh yeah, I didn't mention I have a brother? Well I do and He was born in '86. He is annoying.
Nothing exciting really happened after that...we went to school and to church, my parents went to work. Blah blah blah.
'95 brought my baby brother. That same year we moved to another island in the Bahamas. It was hard. We were struggling financially. What was even harder was that brother died. He was only ten month; I love him.
'99 we moved....AGAIN. This time my mother's homeland was calling. Enter the Turks and Caicos Islands. Yeah it's that same place that Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck got married, but it was cooler before they got there. It was cool the second I arrived. But seriously folks, the t&c islands are beautiful. I can never resist plugging it. GO GO GO
Anyway, I was so uncool. I was and am a nerd. I hated it there at first. Nothing was going well. I played around in school so much when I arrived that I repeated the fourth form, they go by form instead of grade down there. My first day back to school when I repated the fourth form was...bad. I had cut all my hair off because I wanted natural hair (if you're black you know what I mean). I was teased severely. I endured the teasing. One day I'll get back at all those people that made me feel stupid. If they saw me now...lol and some of the guys do see me and I know they think I'm pretty. Stupid idiots.
That year I even got a boyfriend. He loved me alot. Too bad, because when I graduated I moved to america to go to school. I was seventeen....
I hated it here. Arkansas is 100% boring. Nobody understood me my freshmen year, i got a crazy boyfriend my sophmore year, I was depressed my junior year and now it's my senior year and I'm afraid i won't graduate.
My father left our family in my sophmore year of school. Amazing huh? He was a preacher....oh preacher man thou art supposed to be perfect. Don't make me laugh. The only good thing that happened is I met a great guy who lives in California. Crazy? Yes.
This year I did something stupid and made friends with this Idiot. He made me feel like I was two. I compromised my love for someone I didn't even like. I just lusted over him. silly me. Last night we stopped being friends. I danced in happiness because I love that guy. I want to marry him...shhhhh! It's a secret.
And right now I am watching an Elvis movie and laughing at how cheesy it is. I have finals but I'm not studying. Instead I figured I'd learn to love myself more. Wow this took two hours. I smell good.