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Assignment #14
Write your life story in less than a day.

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i am a 17 year old girl and i will tell the story of my life in as much detail up till now. the furthest i remember was wen i was five i went to florida...as a child i was always punished and was never positively reinforced. i had always been in more trouble than my brother. later on, when i was in elementary school, i was never popular: i was short, and not very good looking and i didnt have many friends and i was often made fun of.. this continued to when i was in high school...i always was the type to have 1 good friend instead of many aquaintances, although come to think of it my "good friend" was not good after all. it turns out we were both using each other for company( we both had noone to stay with and it just worked out best this way). College made my life totally different and at this point in my life (which is right now) i am pretty, i am a jazz, tap, and hip hop dancer, i have many friends, and i am actually the leader of my group of friends and my life is totally different. although, what i have come to learn is that its so hard to find some decent friends, not matter what you do your friends will always talk behind your back and not keep a secret and a bunch of other stuff. Honestly, my best friend is myself because im the only one who i can actually depend on to tell me the truth as strange as that is to say. My mother, it turns out happened to punish me not for her own good but for mine. she is my second best friend and i know that with time, maybe in university i will find another best friend, other than myself to be there for me and to listen to me and for me to listen to. as for boyfriends, i havent really had any real ones, except for this guy justin who after 2 months just left me out of the blue and had to move away to school for a year..i saw him last week, he had come to visit but it was really awkward and it felt like our first date (you know..with all the butterflies in the stomach). anyways now im seeing another guy called adam but he doesnt want commitment( which is wat i want), he only wants to fool around but i am still a virgin and i dont just want to give it up to someone who doesnt really care about me... and this is my life at the moment..i hope i answered this question properly..overall writing this made me feel alot better and made me understand whats happening at the moment and come to think of it, my life is really not that bad afterall, it just has some twists and turns in the way of my goal (which is to be a teacher). anyways i hope you enjoy my story.