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Assignment #14
Write your life story in less than a day.

New York, New York USA
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Ava Gardener was the love of Frank Sinatra's life, and a voloptuous, beautiful actress of the 1950's. I was named Ava after her. My mother is from Detroit and never went to college, and moved to New York at 18 to be a singer. She used to open at CBGB's and Studio 54, and she hung around the Andy Warhol crew. My father was born and raised in the Bronx and was the first art director at the first Barnes and Noble. He is a teacher at the High School of Art and Design in New York, and teaches drawing and painting. I was born in New York City in March of 1986. Both of my parents are Italian and family has always been the number one priority in my life. I moved to upstate New York when I was about 6. I used to run around the woods and catch frogs and my knees were always dirty. I always hung around my older brother (of 4 years) Jack and his friends. Once while playing hockey my baby front teeth were knocked out by a puck to the face. I would always go fly fishing with my dad and brother and I still do. Once on a trip to Utah I taught my mother how to fly fish. When I was in junior high school I began studying German and French and I found my calling there. My brain is condusive to learning languages. My uncle was very sick and shot himself in the stomach to end the suffering. Once the cops came to my door because a girl in high school thought I was going to kill her. I left high school at 16 and started college in Massachusettes at Simon's Rock College of Bard. Once my friend Hilary and I got beat up by NYPD at an anti-war protest. This summer I went to Italy and met this boy Francesco at a bus stop in Rome and he invited me to his house in Florence. I was living with him there for a month and we fell in love, although I do not speak Italian. I left him to go to Berlin for a week and got very sick and went to the hospital and then I partied every night and I think I overdosed because I woke up on someone's couch that I did not know. That shook me up so I went back to Italy to stay with Francesco for a week then I ran out of money so I flew back to New York. I transferred to Pace University. Now I live in New York City again and I am studying French and Italian. I just wrote a paper on my idea of utopia, all in French. I am smoking a cigarette. My feet are cold and I have goosebumps. Now I'm going to brush my teeth... I guess that's my life all wrapped up into a convenient e-mail message. I'm a pisces.