Learning To Love You More




Assignment #14
Write your life story in less than a day.

Richmond, Virginia USA



i was born on Jan 22, 1984. Today is the day after my birthday. I am now 21. I was born in california. In san fransisco. My father met my mother at Meir Island. Yesterday, they moved back to Meir Island. Meir Island was a Navy base just outside of San Fransisco. It stopped being one for a while. Now it's a military base again. My father worked on the nuclear submarine, the seawolf. My grandmother, my fathers mother who I never met, died before I was born, made him a quilt for the cold submarine. I have that quilt on my bed now. On the sub they used to sleep to a red light. Now whenever he sees a red light he gets sleepy. My mother helped design the submarine. They eloped. I live in Richmond. I used to live in Newport News. We moved to Newport News when I was two. Then my sister was born. She has only known Newport News and decided to live there while my parents go on to san fransisco. Her name is Allison. I went to the same school my entire life. I went to school in the same building from kindergarden all the way until I was a senior. It was a baptist school. It was in a graveyard. I never thought it was strange but everyone else who goes by the school comments on this. I told my father I was an atheist in middle school. He beat the shit out of me. He threw me against the fridge. I stopped being atheist for a time and then became atheist again and now I am tired of thinking about it. The school raised you to believe certain things I remember in Elementary school one year chanting, Dole. Dole. Dole. Dole. Dole. Dole. Dole. On election day, One day on the playground. There was a time when both my parents were very christian. They are not so much anymore. My father appologized for the way he raised me a little while ago. That felt good. I love my mother. She has a high-pitched voice. She laughs a lot. She is much older than my father. My mom used to lie to us and tell us she was the same age as our father. When my sister found out she was lying she cried. I didn't really care. My sister is kind of high maitanance. I have never been. She is going to college and also apprenticing to be a hairdresser. I don't like it when she cuts my hair because she pulls at it, and it hurts. I forgot to call her yesterday but I may call her today. My best friends back home and throughout my whole life are Paul Prilliman, Brandon Murrer and Chris Cass. I took a road trip across country with Chris and Paul. We lived homeless for two months. We crossed the country. Then I hitchiked with Paul's brother mike all the way down the North Carolina Coast. We slept on the beach every night. Throughout high School Paul, Mike and I would go to North Carolina and live on the beach. Paul and I used to Hitchhike a lot. I don't think I would do it anymore. Paul works at Radioshack now. He has a girlfriend named Nicole. She is a twin. They are probably going to get married. Julie(my girlfriend now) was annoyed when we met them by the fact they call each other "baby" alot. I started calling her "baby" just to bug her. Julie is moving for four months to study abroad in Australia. She is my first real girlfriend. Before that I had only dated a girl for a few weeks at a time. A long time ago I tried to kill myself by taking a lot of asprin. I ended up just throwing it all up. I think for the most part I am happy though. Last night I got really drunk. The first time I drank was on a road trip to North Carolina. I drank a lot of beer with these strangers and went out and puked in the ocean. I remember all these stars spinning. I didn't really drink that much but I was in a good place. Y'know the yelling at people drunk. Thats the best kind. I'm glad I did this. I miss my Parents and my Sister, I am going to miss Julie. All these people ask me what I am going to do when she is gone. Hopefully, I get a lot of work done but I don't know if I will. I'll probably just watch a lot more telivision. Abe(julie's roomate Nina's boyfriend, Nina recently moved to spain.) called me up and made sure we made the distinctions clear. Whether or not we were going to be a couple still when she was gone. We had already talked about it. She wants to break up when she is gone. I don't know what I want. I want to crawl into a shell. I want to go swimming in the creek behind my house again. My first memory is burning myself on the stove and going into my sisters room, looking up into the darkness, sobbing and sucking on finger. Praying that my parents would not find out.