Learning To Love You More




Assignment #11
Photograph a scar and write about it.

Shelley Kemmerer
Brooklyn, New York USA



April, 2006. My ex-lover and I reconvened in a rehearsal space [physical education building west to be exact] on the main campus of my college. We were estranged from one another for at least a year before we reconnected. I signed out space for a dance rehearsal and later cancelled due to some injuries that my dancers accrued over the semester. I figured that we all needed a break from the body beatings so I opted to free the space for others to use. I bumped into my ex of 7 years, making awkward eye contact and subtle movements creeping closer to one another. We were both scatterbrained and buffuddled, but as ALWAYS, "hook-line-and-sinker" roped me in for another laborious conversation. I mentioned that prior to that moment I called-off rehearsal and she motioned to the space that I typically-use. To my surprise I felt "empty ahnded", leaving my bicycle keys on the second floor of the building. She invited herself up to the space to take a nostalgic gander. The gander lead us haphazardly into the space, peeling off layer after layer of clothing. From that point on, you can create your own tale. My mother warned me about her; she told me she would make things more painful & difficult if I fell back into the spotlight with her. The end result: floor burn! I would like to call this image, "I was in a battle, we squared off, and all I got was this knee burn." I messed around with the broad and my only consolation prize was another wound? How fitting!