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Assignment #11
Photograph a scar and write about it.

Damien Breen
Los Angeles, California USA
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This scar is located on my left shoulder. It is a result of surgery that had to be performed after a snowboarding accident I had in Big Bear, CA. I was 20 years old and the conditions on the mountain sucked. It was like boarding on 2" of ice. I was hauling ass down the mountain when my front edge of the board cut into some hard ice and I was flipped 180 degrees upside down. I was flying with my board where my head should have been and crashed about 100 yards further on my shoulder, dislocating it completely like a rag doll. I pinwheeled down the side of the mountain with my shoulder out of socket. Ski Patrol popped it back in and slid me down to the bottom of the hill. After lunch, I decided to go on another run since I felt a lot better. My first bail and it popped out again. The pain is much worse than a broken bone. Owww. Anyways, I went home and didn't see a docotr or anything. After about a year of my shoulder indiscrimanatly popping out of my socket while I slept and waking to unbearable pain at least 3 days a week, I decided to have a specialist look at it. He said, we will but your shoulder open and tighten the tendons with a laser. i said oh goodie. They put me under a week later and I had the stiffest shoulder in the world. It took 3 months of physical therapy for me just to raise my hand above my head, but now I have a shoulder that is good as new. Yay and a sexy scar too! That is my scar story, I have many more, but this scar has the most history. Bye bye.