Learning To Love You More

Sharon Joon
Judith Wigren-Slack
Julia Bryan-Wilson
Paula Spurr

Paula Spurr selects:
March 16, 2006


Make a neighborhood field recording.
Erin Thompson and Hannah Wachs
Portland, Maine USA


This investigation took a lot more time and persistence than we expected in the beginning. We live in a building that has more than sixty apartments and we knocked on more than fifty doors; many people were never home and many people did not want to participate. We were surprised that people were so suspicious of our inquiries. We were able to get less than fifteen people involved. All but two people recorded, we were previously familiar with. Rejection became well known very quickly, but there was enough interest in the assignment and the people who wanted to cooperate to keep us going.
We were able to record a variety of talents. Some people were unsure and wanted to participate in a more humorous way, while others were delighted to show their gift in understanding of music. Everyone we recorded had no problem for sitting while his or her portrait was being drawn, and we enjoyed some light conversation during this process.
Is this a project that we would participate in again? We had a great time, so we would surely do it again. Now, with more experience, we would have a little more idea of how to do it better, too. For now, we are just happy we to have had the opportunity.
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