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Assignment #62
Make an educational public plaque.

Courtney Egan
New Orleans, Louisiana USA



Deep Water Dates - Mid-City is a site-specific installation that seeks to build awareness of New Orleans's repetitive history of flooding by visualizing it in a specific locale. Eight anodized aluminum plaques, stamped with the name and date of a flood event, are attached to a utility pole. The plaques mark the approximate height at which water flooded that location on those dates. While visiting this busy corner or waiting for the bus, a viewer can sense the historical span of flood events while physically understanding the flood depths and the gravity of each event in relation to the human scale. Deep Water Dates demonstrates the necessity for creating proper structures that ensure New Orleans's and the region's future viability.
The three centuries of recorded history in our strategically placed city is packed with flood events that have caused our population strain and recurring devastation. Deep Water Dates brings this history into the public eye and points to the constant battle our city has fought for the gain of the nation. Here at the mouth of one of the world's great rivers - only 300 miles shorter than the Nile - our city balances precariously between human desire, corporate interests, and nature's forces. Our tenuous, and now severely compromised, geography has serious implications for the rest of the nation.