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Assignment #62
Make an educational public plaque.


In Paris when the metric system was being introduced the government installed meter plaques on various buildings around the city. These plaques were just simple metal signs that indicated the length of a meter so that the public would become familiar with it as a way to measure things. People would actually use the plaques to measure out pieces of fabric etc.
For this assignment come up with some simple but useful information that can be made into a plaque or sign and then install it in some public place for people to learn from and use. We encourage you to make your plaque in a permanent material and bolt it or use a strong adhesive when you attach the plaque. Note: do not bother making a plaque that is witty. Think of information that you routinely wish you had, and provide it to the public.
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Send in a photo of your installed plaque, and a separate typed title that describes what information is being conveyed and the location where it is installed. For instance: A map showing how to get to a nice little park, attached to a cement wall on the corner of NW 9th and Fremont Avenues in Portland, OR.