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Assignment #61
Describe your ideal government.

Julia V.



Dear Sir and Madam,
Thank you very much for your support but unfortunately, we have to disappoint you in a unusual way: We have to admit officially now that we will be the last governement you will ever vote. As we all know, the immediate revolution would overburden many citizens, but you also know from a global point of view, we are at the end. But we want to keep mankind alive, don't we? Thus, we will use your trust and our new power as one of the leading industrial countries to prepare the next important steps for the necessary transformation.
These steps will be: Put immense pressure to the international community, the UN and so one t o stop the climate change with all the efforts we have, to end atomic energy, and to start with the protection of each creature on the world. After that, we will demobilize our national army and then encourage our neighbours to do so and after that the neigbours of our neighbours. You know - the snowball effect. We would then start to reform the capitalistic system - slowly according to the potential of violence which this eventually would produce and organize a perfect chaotic system of local decision-making. And after that and some other small changes we would suspend all governmental institutions and return to our respective personal interests (e.g. gardening or embroidery).
This may sound surprising and we apologize for the inconvenience we cause. But as all of our predecessors, we had to use a slight trick to achieve our aims. Don't panic, join in! This will be the slogan of our future! In four years, nobody will need us anymore!!!