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Assignment #61
Describe your ideal government.

Keijiro Suzuki
Nagoya, JAPAN



My Ideal Government must stand for complete agreement in the community. In this government Governor and citizens would have a lot of time to chat each other. Governors would not own their houses but would have the privilege to stay in citizens' homes and move from one place to another everyday. This way, governors will know what's going on and citizens would know who they are. Citizens will have to take great care of their governors. In this government, there is no president but democracy. Whatever government does is strictly censored by the citizens. Judgments will not necessarily be determined by large numbers of votes but will be decided practically and generously to save the poorest with heart. Government will present ideas and proposals in order to improve the lives of citizens but they will have to be approved by citizens' votes based on the rule above. Governors are not allowed to wear suits but have to wear special clothing to differentiate them from citizens. Governors will not be paid because housing, meals and clothing are provided by their citizens, also, in this community, there is no monetary exchange at all. Citizens exchange their abilities and time for creative ideas, physical labor and community products and food. The governors' term is for one year, but it can be extended indefinitely by citizens' agreements. Government can only exist within its community. Government without the agreement of the community means dictatorship. An integrated community without government means liberated freedom for independent individuals.
Eligibility to apply to be a governor in this community
- non higher-education degree holder
- experience traveling over 50 countries
- non driver's license holder
- speaks at least one Western or Latin language, one Asian language, one African language and one indigenous language
- vegetarian
- no age limit
- physically, mentally and socially healthy