Learning To Love You More




Assignment #61
Describe your ideal government.

Amanda Smith
New Castle, Pennsylvania USA



My ideal government would place emphasis on morals and values. The government would be responsible for housing the homeless, sending them to school to get an education, and helping them find a job. Our country has forgotten its own people in the process to support big business. The government would make sure every child had an education, a home to live in, and access to food and medical care. They would provide every man and woman with an opportunity to grow and prosper at whatever they choose to do.
Our country has been great for many years and I feel we need to get back to the basics, to the principals it was founded on. You should be able to work hard and support your family without worrying about how much more money the government is going to take out of your hard earned pay. I think that my ideal government officials would only be able to stay in the government as long as they were abiding by what the public wanted. There would be no certain number of terms a person would stay in office for. They would be voted out at anytime the public didn t feel they were doing their job. They would not have pensions paid by the people for the rest of their lives either. They would lose their income just like anyone else who looses a job. This way you would know they would be in government for the good of the people, not the good of themselves.