Learning To Love You More




Assignment #61
Describe your ideal government.

Julie A. Sergel
Ellicottville, New York USA



my ideal government would eradicate all currency and the need for such. citizens would just continually learn, and this would spawn the variety of products each person would have to utilize. this would extend to food products and housing materials and medicine, even schooling young ones--all aspects of life. if you were really good at something, you could stay in that niche by reproducing it ( teaching), should that be your desire. otherwise, life would be a never-ending college campus. to raise children, you could be fully exempt from this learning/work system for as long as you needed. variety would exist, in that, you could pick what you wanted, but ultimately, the intention of this “leveling of the playing field” would serve to bring freedom and at the same time, get rid of the evil that some have tendencies toward in controlling, oppressing and binding others in captivity--if not killing them altogether.
crime rates would tend to decline dramatically as kids would be raised in loving homes (void of stress, financial pressures; shiny happy people!) and there would be no lack, or need to steal in the first place. everyone would be emotionally clean and clear as they'd be creatively expressing anything to the contrary, minds engaged and stimulated by learning new things! we'd probably figure how to cure cancer and all illness in this inspired land. if, however, chronic crimes were committed, we'd have to send them to iraq; who knows-- maybe they could figure a solution!