Learning To Love You More




Assignment #61
Describe your ideal government.

Jennifer Paul
Denton, Texas USA



New Government
The new government should be able to compassionately and literally represent our country as a whole. Every citizen that is willing and (if under 18) whose parents are willing to let them, shall identify themselves as belonging to certain categories. If the person is under 18 years of age, they will only identify themselves as "a young person". Persons over 18 years of age will have identified themselves as belonging to one or more of the following categories which will form the Parliament:
The Musician, The Visual Artist, The Engineer, The Analyzer,
The Optimist, The Pessimist, The Capitalist, The Hedonist, The Diplomat,
The Devils Advocate, The Lawyer, The Writer, The Liberal
The Conservative, The Criminal, The Environmentalist, The Scientist,
The Businessman, The Rich Man, The Poor Man, The Moderate,
The Mathematician, The Dancer, The Helper, The Believer, The Immigrant, The Farmer, The Teacher, The Nurse, The Philosopher, The Athlete, The Mother, The Father, The Miner, The Waste Disposal Technician, The Salesman, The Soldier, The Comedian.
There will also need to be an example of a:
Man and Woman that are of every race and religion found in America. A physically disabled person. A mentally disabled person. A developmentally disabled person. A circus performer. A person over 90 years old. A "little" person. A dwarf. A Dying Person. A sick person. A very tall person. A heavy person. A thin person. An "average" build person. 10 young persons (2 years-18 years).
In another section of government called "The Head" there will be :
6 Historians, 4 persons knowledgeable in American Politics/Events
8 persons knowledgeable in World Politics/Events,
4 Asian Culture representatives, 4 European Culture representatives
4 African Culture representatives, 6 Other Culture representatives, 6 Accountants,
4 Dispute Mediators, 4 Psychologists
Once all persons living in America have identified themselves with one or more of these categories, they will be placed in their chosen categories drawings. There will be a drawing every 10 years in which 2 people (unless otherwise noted) will be drawn for each category. All of the people that have been drawn will form a parliament of sorts. They will undergo One Year of extensive teaching by "The Head". Following that year they will be able to vote on issues and the old "parliament" will end their term. "The Head" will continue to be the eyes, ears and teachers for the "Parliament" for the remaining 9 years. All other Americans will be able to vote on the same issues, but their vote will only be used to gage what America as a whole may want. This government will run the same way on federal and local levels. All Americans will be able to put any suggestions as to new ways of handling issues and solving problems in the mail, labeled simply "SUGGESTION BOX", and it will be reviewed by the Parliament and the Head.