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Assignment #61
Describe your ideal government.

Gainesville, Florida USA



I like many things about the United States government; I enjoy its democratic practices, its systems of checks and balances, and its three-branch system. However, I believe that all the money we waste on excessive "defense" more money should go towards social programs that build a future for those who have trouble building it for themselves. As one of the greatest societies in the world, we have a responsibility to look out for our fellow men, both within our own borders and across seas. In my ideal government, minimum wages would be set for outsourcing, so that the countries we send our work to would reap the benefits of fair pay. We would have close ties with Africa, whose poorest countries miss out on the opportunities that can be created by outsourcing.
While I would love to see the glory of Jesus Christ reach out to all men, I would want a tolerant government that lets its people express themselves in whichever way they see fit, as long as it does not compromise the safety of others. This is not to say that Christianity equals "legalism," but that I believe faith of government officials can be put to better things than the trivial debates that waste our time.
I want to see the allowance of communities in which people live off the land of forests and fields and are not kicked off or forced to build--and be taxed for--traditional homes. I would enjoy greater preservation of natural areas, stricter laws in regards to energy efficiency and factory emissions, and the development of safe, alternative fuels.
I want to see the American government stand up for humanity, wherever it happens; I want to see it stand up for the preservation of natural resources. We determine the future state of our nation and the world by our actions today. What do we want our descendants to inherit?