Learning To Love You More




Assignment #61
Describe your ideal government.

Rozzell Medina
Portland, Oregon USA



MY ideal government is no government, but a world without external governments seems highly unlikely, barring a collapse of society as we know it.
That said, THE ideal government would seek to govern no more than about 1,000 people. There would be an organizational council of about ten people. This council would be as diverse as possible. There would be someone between the ages of 4 & 10, another person between 10 & 20, another person between 21 & 30, another person between 30 & 40, another person between 40 & 50, another person between 50 & 60, et cetera, right on up to between 90 & 100. Anyone older than 100 can automatically be on the organizational council if s/he wants to. Also, if someone really wanted to be on the organizational committee but the ten or so spots were already full, they could petition the community to get onboard. Otherwise, members of the organizational council would be elected by democratic vote. Everyone would be encouraged to vote, and every individual's vote would count as one vote. There would be no super votes or anything like that. In case of a tie, there would be public discussion, and then another vote. The job of the organizational council would be to facilitate discussions and votes on important issues like what to do in case someone commits a crime, which would be decided upon by the entire community. What constitutes a crime would be decided by the people in the same way that the organizational council is decided upon, through discourse and analysis. It would be ideal for this government to limit the number of laws that it's allowed to enforce at any given time. The governmental component of the society would concern itself primarily with facilitating easy and warranted access to food, water and shelter, not with the propagation and proliferation of itself.
The ideal government would not hold itself in too high esteem, for such egoism in government tends to foster inflexibility, and the ideal government would remain flexible and open to its own restructuring right down to its very foundation. In short, the ideal government would not take itself too seriously.
Or something like that. You should always strive to be your own best government.