Learning To Love You More




Assignment #61
Describe your ideal government.

Trevor Knoblauch
Levittown, Pennsylvania USA



Throughout this land the people them selves are the government and anyone who wants to be apart of the government easily can all a person has to do is come here. There is no correct name that this land is given, the name is what ever you want it to be called. For example if you claim that this place is called land of peace then it's land of peace. Here you can believe in or worship what ever you want - be it Gods, Fairies, Rain, the Sun seeing that your actions in the result of your beliefs or any actions of any type are non violent to all human kind and to all of nature. This land has no forms of military protection or weapons because one can not prevent war and prepare for war at the same time.
For all your needs such as housing, food, clothing, transportation and any other needs or wants while you're here you can easily have if your apart of the volunteer system. The volunteer system is made so everyone is equal. Instead of people working at one place all there life they volunteer at a place for a certain period of time until their time is up then they must go somewhere else or switch their job at the company. Anyone can have any position they want at a company as long as they can prove they're capable or they have been trained by someone who is. People who want to be in the medical profession such as doctors for example must be willing to become one and they have to go through all the schooling and training required. As long as one is volunteering somewhere they are given whatever they need or want equal to everyone else that is volunteering. There is a limit to your wants so no one can receive more then some else. Since there is no way of buying things you must volunteer to receive your needs and wants and you can receive your need and wants by going to the building called needs and wants. At the needs and wants building all a person does is prove that they're volunteering and the people who volunteer there give the person a ticket. The ticket lets you have your equal needs and wants as everyone else who is volunteering.