Learning To Love You More




Assignment #61
Describe your ideal government.

Kate Bryant
Brooklyn, New York USA



In this land:
We follow code similar to the Gayanashagowa (the Great Law of Peace) of the Iroquois. All citizens actively participate in this peacemaking. Women decide on women's issues such as birth control methods. Men decide on men's issues...such as what season is football played in.
Thoughtful citizenship is nurtured. What is good for the seventh generation? That will determine what is best for us.
All new laws and ordinances are subject to vote by all citizens. The legal voting age is 16 and voting is mandatory with a paid holiday to vote. There are three distinct branches of the government: executive, judicial, and legislative. No more than two can be of the same party. Supreme court judge nominations must be approved by a vote of all citizens.
Prevention is of the utmost importance. As in health, crime....everything that matters. Universal access to higher education. Citizenship classes begin at age 12. Educators are actually paid a living wage.
Universal health care.
All government actions and records are transparent, except in very extreme cases in which the safety of the nation is threatened.
Every person, upon leaving high school, spends 6 months or maybe more? in service to the government, in the office of their choice concurrent with their (optional) university studies.
Militaries are wholly voluntary. Whereby the need for bolstering the armies does occur, citizens are selected by lottery and can opt out at any time. Is this practical? I don't know. But it takes a certain type of person to fight a war. And how can you stand your ground if you're too afraid to be there to begin with?
While money does exist, commerce is also subject to bartering. You want to trade your car for 5 months of groceries. Okay.
Lobbying by commercial interests...totally not allowed. Corporations do not hold the same rights as individual citizens.
The public good always comes first. The land and the people before commerce and capital.
Free cake on your every birthday. And you get to swim with dolphins on your birthday, too. If you want to.